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How to style men’s duffle coats this winter

How to style men’s duffle coats this winter

When the temperatures plummet, warm insulation is required to keep our body warm right? Looking for the perfect winter coat can be a daunting task given all the wonderful choices available to us.

When it comes to fashion and style, the duffle coat is a real winter pleaser given it can protect us from cold snaps and keep out unwanted drafts.

The only downfall about the duffle coat thought is that it doesn’t provide much protection from heavy rainfall and can retain water making it heavy when wet.

That said, the men’s duffle coat is still a great piece of fashion to be enjoyed by men of all ages. Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we take a look at the benefits of the duffle coat and why it’s a “go to” piece of outer layering for winter.

What Is A duffle coat?

The duffle coat is a medium weight winter coat duffle with front toggles and the hood. The original duffle coat design included toggle buttons made from buffalo horn and leather straps. Its material consisted of heavily boiled coarse wool which toughens the fabric.

This makes it somewhat water-resistant. Thankfully, today there are more environmentally friendlier versions of this winter coat. Most modern day designed duffle coats feature a square shoulder yoke and 2 large front patch pockets.

The actual length of the coat usually stretches from mid-thigh to knee length finish.

The original duffler was created in a camel coloured finish. However, modern day coats come in an array of colours with the most popular being camel, black and dark navy.

How to get the right size duffle coat for you

Like all fashion garments, the right fit is the most important part of any assemble. The same applies to your duffle coat. You want it to look smart and fit snuggly.

The last thing you need is it to represent anything like a horse blanket When choosing the right duffle coat for your body remember never to over size it. Look for modern day cuts that give it a fitted finish. You don’t want it to drown out your great fashion look.

Men's Classic Fit Duffle Coat Ireland

Men’s Classic Fit Duffle Coat


The occasion: Ask yourself, is it for casual or formal dress? The best duffle coat designs can be used for all occasions. It can act as great layering when worn over suits or casual dress.

The right colour: Again this applies to the occasion plus pairing with items in your wardrobe. Black, camel and deep navy can fuse effortlessly with most of your fashion attire. The likes of reds or purples require a bit more styling effort.

The fit: If you are opting for casual fashion wear then your duffle coat needs to take on a real fitted look. However, if your duffler is to be worn for more formal occasions like work, opt for a size up from your normal finish. This allows it to be worn over suit jackets and blazers.

How to fashion match your duffle coat

The simple answer to this is anything goes when pairing your duffle coat with your wardrobe, except athleisurewear or anything sporty like tracksuits.

This totally kills off any great fashion look and confuses any style or great look you are trying to achieve. For great relaxed casual looks, jeans or chinos are a fab choice for below the waist fashion choices.

The beauty about the duffle coat it can be dressed or down depending on the occasion. Shirts and more recently turtleneck sweaters are great winter fashion choices for above the waist choices. The vital trick though is to ensure you colour contrast your look to balance out any great fashion finish.

For more formal dress, plain coloured suits (navy, black or grey) match easily with popular duffle coat shades of camel, black or navy. Again balance to your finished assemble is key to nailing your overall finished look.

Ways to style your camel duffle coat

This is an easy one guys. Anything from a white tee or polo shirt fused with straight leg or skinny jeans looks great under a camel duffle coat.

Opt for light shades of camel and experiment with different shades or dark denim or even chinos below the waist.
As we said previously, for suit wear, grey, black or navy suits pair beautifully with a smart fitted camel duffle coat.

Ways to style your black duffle coat

As they say, black goes with anything making it a versatile choice of colour for any jacket or coat. However, this doesn’t mean you should go head to toe in black hues. Mix your look up and be creative with adding different shades below and above the waist underneath your duffle coat.

Yes, all black does look chic but leave that for more formal occasions. Earthly browns, beige and greys fuse effortlessly with various shades of black duffle coats. Again, colour contrasting is key to getting any great fashion look.

Ways to style your navy duffle coat

The navy duffle coat is simply fab. It pairs well with other great shades of blue like denim. Dark navy duffle coats fused with jeans and neutral shade tops are effective for any smart casual look.

Red chinos or teal pants also present a trendy look away from any regular black, navy or grey trouser choices.

The navy duffle coat also looks fab when paired with fellow navy or grey suits. The trick when styling any duffle coat with smart occasion dress is to ensure a smart comfy fitted finish.


How to style men’s duffle coats this winter

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