Styling tips to wearing ladies sunglasses during winter Ireland

Styling tips to wearing ladies sunglasses during winter

Styling tips to wearing ladies sunglasses during winter

It wasn’t that long ago when sunglasses were reserved for summer fashion wear. As well as protecting the eyes, sunglasses are now part of your day-time fashion statement assemble.

Only in recent years thanks to the likes of Victoria Beckham have sunglasses become a 365 day all year round fashion accessory favourite.

Yes, there is less daylight during the winter months to enjoy your sunnies but they do protect your eyes from harsh bright glares on bright winter days.

The other big bonus is they can transform any outfit look allowing for us to make individual fashion statements to the way we dress.

Another benefit of wearing sunglasses all year round is it can hide any tired eyes look. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to take a quick look how to max your sunglasses look during the winter.

Sunglasses look for short winter breaks

Let’s face it, this year has been a wash out as far as a foreign travel goes due to all the COVID-19 restrictions. With our movements restricted from county to county, none of us have had time to show off our new shades designs.

However, for any of those lucky enough to get that last minute skiing trip in, choose sunglasses style to suit the occasion.

As well as looking fashionable on the slopes with your fashion wear, your sunglasses are going to be the make or break accessory piece to finish any great fashion look.

Classic cat-eye frames are the in-thing this season. Their retro look of the 70’s makes them stylish pieces to add to any day or night time assemble. Another choice that adds something more modest to your finish are wide framed shades.

Chamonix Sunglasses from Michael Kors

Chamonix Sunglasses from Michael Kors

Not only do these offer 80% protection to the eye but also emblazon a chic frontal finish to the facial area. Stick to shades of black or browns. These can be worn away from the slopes and pair well with lots of different fashion assembles.

Around the town sunglass looks

With Christmas behind us and January on the horizon, it’s time to think about mixing practicality with fashionable sunnies. One thing to bear in mind here when choosing sunglasses is to make sure they fit in with your fashion look 365 days of the year.

Fashion favourite designs of plastic look fab but don’t be scared to experiment with different designs. Metal frames idiosyncratic detailing will be trending this fashion season.

They can add more a modern vibe to any day or evening look. Metal shades are also easier to fuse with various fashion assembles. Opt for greys, gunpowder black or copper. They can offer something completely different to the norm. Very fashionable too!

Days off sunglasses

We all love our down time or days off, right? This is where we are confined to any particular work or uniform look. However, we want our shades look to blend in with our day off fashion wardrobe.

This is why it’s important to opt for sunglasses that take centre stage of your fashion assemble without too much effort.

Round or oval designs in shades of blacks or brown not only look chic but fuse effortlessly with the rest of your wardrobe. One important thing to remember when choosing any sunglasses are the size of the lenses.

Choosing the right sunglasses 

Not all sizes suit ever face shape. The last thing you want is your shades to drown out your look if you have a small face. Otherwise it will look like you are wearing a pair of swimming goggles from the 70’s.

I always recommend that you try before you buy any pair of sunglasses. Yes, the glasses you like might look great of Anna Wintour or Lady Gaga, but they may not suit your face shape. Get expect advice when choosing any form of glasses or sunglasses. They will know what sunglasses suit you best.


Styling tips to wearing ladies sunglasses during winter

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