Fashion tips on how to style dungarees this season Ireland

Fashion tips on how to style dungarees this season

Fashion tips on how to style dungarees this season

They may conjure up images of the 90s, but we are happy to see dungarees come back into fashion in recent years.

They are one of the easiest outfits to put together. But you need to be careful how you style them. one wrong move and you end up looking more farmer than fashionable.

But with our simple style ideas, you’ll be looking like a star in no time. Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out how to style your dungarees for an effortless fashion look.

Striped Top & Black Boots

This classic outfit is a classic for a reason. It is made up of a formula of the most basic of wardrobe pieces – distressed dungarees, striped top, and boots. It is a chic look that is incredibly easy to put together. And the stripes let you live out your French fashion fantasy.

If you are not feeling the stripes or the black boots, simply swap them out for a basic black tee and a pair of loafers.

Off-The-Shoulder Top

For a real fashion challenge, pair your dungarees with a cute, off-the-shoulder top. It is easier than you think and can look instantly fashionable. For a fool proof option, pair a darker shade of denim with a lighter colour top. You can either pair this with white trainers or boots.

White Button Down Shirt

This is the ultimate business look. The relaxed denim of the dungarees with look more sophisticated over a clean button-down shirt. To create more a cohesive outfit, make sure your shirt has a more relaxed fit and roll up the sleeves. To add a feminine touch and finish your look, simply strap on a pair of pointed heels but ballet flats will also do the trick.

Black Turtleneck

A great way to take your overalls from day to night is by using a black turtleneck. Dungarees in a dark washed will work best with the black of the turtleneck. Just make sure that the legs are a skinny fit or cropped for a chicer look.

Over A Jacket

Yes, even in those months where temperatures plummet and you are left freezing, you can still rock your dungarees. The great thing about overalls is that they are so versatile, you can wear them with just about anything. Pair them with tees, shirts, knitwear or even over your jacket. Just make sure the hem finishes at your hip. You can wear your fuzzy teddy coat but army jackets as well as leather works too.

Fashion tips on how to style dungarees this season

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