Timeless Mens fashion pieces you need to own in 2021 Ireland

Timeless Mens fashion pieces you need to own in 2021

Timeless Mens fashion pieces you need to own in 2021

There are somethings in life that get better with age. Think wine, cast iron pans, Clooney or Beckham (whichever one you fancy).

And the same goes for the world of fashion. In an industry that constantly changes its mind on what is in style or not, it’s comforting that some wardrobe staples will last forever.

From figure-moulding leather jackets to crisp canvas shoes, here at Men’s fashion Ireland we show you some menswear essentials that age as well as you do.

Leather Jacket

Much like a human, cow skin warps and tells a story of that who wears it.

Good leather jackets will crinkle and mould along your joint, resulting in a better fit as they are broken in. even better is that the colour distorts along the collar and elbows. A high-quality leather jacket will last you your entire life. Additionally, as it looks good with everything, it will gain as many stories as you do.

Check Shirt

You may think of flannel check shirts as something worn by cowboys and the base of every dead movie star’s off-duty looks. One important reason for its enduring appeal is that it matures as we do.

Flannel, with its dense fibres, moulds to your body for maximum comfort. The light absorbent nature of the fabric means the dye bleeds from it over time, which allows it to mellow with age.

Denim Jeans

Preferably raw denim. This refers to denim that is not washed during the manufacturing stage. This means that the dye clings to the material, leading to two advantages. One: the fabric is more pliable and moulds to your legs. Two: the dye changes vibrancy over time.

This means that you get a unique fabric over time.

Canvas Shoes

These days, some people think that in order to have that pristine look, your shoes need to have that fresh-out-of-the-box vibe. And while this may be correct for luxury shoes, wearing white ones can look cold and clinical.

However, bruised and battered Chuck Taylors always look charming. Cotton-based shoes, the colour fades to warm feeling while the rubber sole hugs your feet.

Timeless Mens fashion pieces you need to own in 2021

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