Fashion essentials for your wardrobe 2021 Ireland

Fashion essentials for your wardrobe 2021

Fashion essentials for your wardrobe 2021

We have all stood in front of our wardrobes wondering what we will wear today…And come up with nothing.

The truth is that, while you may have a lot of clothes, they may not be versatile enough for some occasions. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland we want you to think about what is in your current wardrobe.

If the following dresses are not there, you may need to add them quickly as they can solve your wardrobe woes. Incorporating these must-have dresses will ensure you never have nothing to wear again.

Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is the type of item you will buy and wonder how you lived without it. A button down style is the perfect blend of both casual and sophisticated. This allows you to be put together and yet feel comfortable.

It has a breezy fit that works for your minimal effort days but still has a structured shape that makes you look intentional with your style.

A-Line Maxi

While we adore a maxi dress, we admit that not every style is created equal. Finding a fit that flatters you can be challenging, which is why an A-line maxi dress can look ideal. This will flare out at the bottom instead of hugging your hips.

This can create a more comforting shape so that you are free to move around more. the long length of a maxi makes it a good choice for casual or formal events. However, the flexible fit will make you feel like you are in your PJs at home.

Tank Dress

Okay, so summer may be a long way away. But a tank dress is the number one design to have for your summer wardrobe. If you want to look cute without the restricting fabrics some dresses have, buy yourself a tank dress. It is light and breathable; however, it can still work for formal events.

For a dressy dinner, layer some necklaces and throw on some wedges. Or, for a simple everyday look, swap your wedges for some sandals or sneakers.

Fit & Flare

We couldn’t very well leave out the most universal flattering dress, could we? It has a fit that highlights your waist before flaring out and is perfect for both informal and formal events.

The shorter length of the fit and flare makes it versatile so you can wear it to dinners, weddings, dates and more.


There was no way we could leave the iconic pencil dress off of this list. It’s perfect for all of your business meetings, job interviews or parties (obviously the ones after COVID)

If you ever panic over what to wear, save yourself some headache and invest in a pencil dress. The sleek lines and professional look make it a wardrobe essential. Not to mention, you will be prepared for any business formal events that can come up in the future.

Fashion essentials for your wardrobe in 2021

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