Causes of acne around your hairline Ireland

Causes of acne around your hairline

Causes of acne around your hairline

When many people think of acne, images of spotty chins and foreheads is usually what comes to mind. But what about your hairline?

Hairline acne can be just as frustrating to treat as the type on your face and body. however, with the right treatment, your hairline acne can become a thing of the past. Keep reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out why you keep breaking out and how to treat it.

Hair Products

Certain products can cause ‘pomade acne’. This is typically a build up of oils near your hairline as a response to a certain haircare product.

While many thinks that sulfates can dry your hair out, there are other ingredients that can clogged pores. These can include oils and butters like avocado or flaxseed oil.

A rule to remember is that if it can clog the pores on your face, do not assume it cannot do that with your scalp. It’s important to rinse out your shampoo thoroughly and wash regularly to get rid of products like dry shampoo.

Dirty Fabrics

The materials we wear around our heads can contribute to acne by clogging our pores. This is because dead skin cells and sweat builds up on them and they then come into contact with our scalps and hair.

Not only should you be aware of the bacteria of items like headbands or hats, but also the friction they can cause. This can also lead to breakouts as they can pull your hair back too tight. As well as washing your pillowcases, clean your hair bands and other accessories to keep acne at bay.


As well as your hairline, acne can break out on your scalp which may be a condition called folliculitis. This is an inflammation of the hair follicle. Tackling your acne is easier when you know what is causing it.

Ingredients in your haircare products should tackle fungus and bacteria as well as cleanse. Tea tree oil or sulfur can be great for keeping your hair and scalp acne-free.

Dirty Scalp Or Hair

Breakouts around your hairline can be caused by simply not washing your hair. Or, it can be that you use products that have edible ingredients, leading to microbial growth.

The easiest way to tackle hairline acne is to wash your entire scalp and hair. Your hairline is usually skipped over during your skincare routine. However, it is better washed when shampooing your hair.

As well as washing your hair, you need to clean any accessories that come into contact with it. This includes things like hairbands or hats.

Poor Diet

Your skin is your largest organ and it will be affected by the foods you eat. The habits you exercise daily can have a big impact especially if you suffer from acne. So, it’s important to drink enough water every day, get enough sleep and eat a variety of healthy foods. Staying away from sugar and dairy can also help to reduce acne and keep your skin healthy and happy.

Causes of acne around your hairline

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