Classic styling tips from the past that still work today Ireland

Classic styling tips from the past that still work today

Classic styling tips from the past that still work today

There are many style icons that continue to influence fashion today. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marylin Monroe to name a few.

But what about our grandparents? Rather than be overwhelmed by the maximalist trends of today, sit back and take some inspiration from the fashion world of your grandparents here at Teenage fashion Ireland while we help you introduce some classic style to your wardrobe.

Buy Clothes That Last

Nowadays, there are so many trends that it is hard to keep up. It feels like we constantly have to buy new clothes to keep looking fashionable and stylish. Not only is this an environmental hazard, but it is expensive.

Instead of focusing on trends, it’s more important to look for classic pieces as well as high quality ones. Look for pieces that can be worn with multiple items, like a pencil skirt or pair of jeans. These garments will always be in style and can be changed up by using different tops and accessories.

Think Of The Occasion

During your grandparents youth, each piece of clothing had a purpose: Sunday clothes, school clothes or going out pieces.

Dressing distinctively will set the tone for the event. Dressing for different occasions is easier to do if you plan ahead of time. Sometimes, you might plan an outfit hoping it looks good, but look unflattering when it is on your body. you can waste a lot of time picking out your clothes so try to do it the night before.

Dress For Your Body Type

One of the most impacting pieces of advice from your grandparents is that personal acceptance of yourself and body type can lead to confidence. Accept who you are and love your body.

Everyone is beautiful, but you need to work with what you have. Things look better on people when they fit better. It doesn’t matter the name on the item, but how that item fits and flatters your body that counts.

There Is Power In What You Wear

Some people are inspired by the well-dressed women and men of old Hollywood. The influence and style of these classic stars can be uplifting and make you want to embody that same elegance.

The way you dress can elevate your sense of beauty and self-worth. Your style is a reflection of how you view yourself as a person. Although some people may not have any money, they will still take the time to dress in a way that highlights their dignity and pride.

You will always be more confident wearing something you actually want to wear and feel comfortable in. And, when it comes to fashion and looking good, confidence is everything.

Classic styling tips from the past that still work today

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