Easy ways to style your culottes this winter Ireland

Easy ways to style your culottes this winter

Easy ways to style your culottes this winter

If you like the fusion of a skirt combined with the practicality of trousers then culottes maybe the fashion fix for you.

Given their versatility, culottes give you the best of both worlds as they can be dressed both up or down depending on the occasion.

Culottes are definitely a winter pleaser as they offer protection to the legs with enough freedom to move about in comfort.

Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to look at a few ways to wear your culottes in style this winter.

What are culottes?

The wonderful culottes are a garment worn below the waist that in years gone by were normally reserved for the gentry. They get their name from the French word “culot” which means “the lower half of a thing”

Fabric is important during winter

Unlike summer months when light breezy material are the perfect choice for culottes, winter is a different story.

As well as looking fashionable, your culottes should also offer insulation to your legs. Try and any light material like cotton or linen Instead opt for comfortable textiles like wool, flannel and even corduroy.

Beige wide leg culottes Ireland

Beige wide leg culottes

Colour is important

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to dull down your tones. Neutral colours are a fab choice for any below the waist hues and offer versatility to your top half choice of clothing.

Blacks, navy brown and white are perfect choices for culottes during winter. Experiment with pattern and prints to make your look more interesting.

Trending this season are teals and shades or brown. One idea is to fuse your stylish brown culottes with a dusky teal top.

Choices of grey tops blend effortlessly with burgundy shades of culottes.

Structure your look

A pair of stylish with a sharpened silhouette and firm pleats can be fab alternative to a suited skirt finish during winter. Opt for a pleated wool dress culottes that come in neutral shading for that stylish winter office look.

Consider the relaxed culotte finish

Culottes are designed to be fun and relaxing. For those days spent relaxing with friends, consider a more dressed down approach. Denim or velvet culottes can look amazing as well as comfy when formal occasions are off the table.

Inspiring pattern or prints like plaid offer excitement to any culotte look during winter.

Get the fit right

The one great thing about culottes is they are perfect for almost every figure. However, different cuts compliment different body shapes.

Opting for more tailored culottes helps to negate any ponderous or shapeless finish. For those of you who short and with flattering curves, choose a style that lands below the knee.

For gals with shorter legs go for high-waisted, calf-length culottes. These help to add length to your look. A pair with vertical stripping can elongate your look, making your legs appear longer.

For those of your ladies who are tall and curvaceous, opt for a widened leg fit that skims your things and hips. Again stripes make your look sharp and slimming.

Top it off

The beauty about culottes is almost any type of top goes with their stylish design. Given it’s winter, insulation is important and cable knits, roll neck sweaters are a fashionable choice.

For a more defined waist introduce a belt to your culotte and blouse finish. This allows you to tuck in your shirt or blouse.

For any great patterned culotte look always opt for a colour block top above the waist. This adds structure and balance to your overall fashion finish.

Jacket up

For any occasion that is considered “dressy up” introduce a jacket to your culotte finish. Depending how formal the occasion is you can up the fashion stakes by adding a fitted blazer style jacket.

For something less important opt for the denim jacket or classic black leather jacket look. Again, your choice of jacket must look fitted and avoid any baggy finish. Balance your shades to ensure they contrast with the overall look of your culotte finish.


Easy ways to style your culottes this winter

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