How to add a touch of class to your t-shirt look Ireland

How to add a touch of class to your t-shirt look

How to add a touch of class to your t-shirt look

We all love lazy-day outfits that are made from basic pieces. But who says you cannot still look stylish? When it comes to dressing, comfort and class are two major priorities.

However, the humble t-shirt has been written off as a boring staple in your wardrobe. Luckily, upgrading your tee is easier than you would think. Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our tips on how you can make your t-shirt look classy.

Be Bold With Accessories

The easiest way to dress up anything you wear is to rock some bling. The thing to be mindful of is contrast. A statement necklace can elevate your t-shirt, while your t-shirt can tone down your necklace.

Layering is another trick to dressing up your basic tee. You can wear a lace slip over your t-shirt and finish with a skirt and some flats. The result is an outfit that is perfectly balanced.

Co-ordinate With Colour

It can be hard to make a t-shirt look classy. The problem is that they are low-effort and can make it seem you do not care. To counter this issue, try colour co-ordinating your outfit. if your outfit has a matching element, it looks like you’ve thought about what you wear.

For example, you can rock a bold lip the same colour as your tee and finish your look off with black trousers and heels. Therefore, your outfit has some unity to it.

Mix Your Prints

People can be intimidated when it comes to mixing prints but that’s exactly why you should try it. it’s the perfect way to get you out of your style comfort zone. Even if your choice of prints could not be more different, getting the right look requires some harmony.

Ironically, when you wear mismatched prints, it makes your look seem more intentional. The key to getting the right look is to pick a colour that is common in both pieces. To make it seem like you are deliberately trying to add contrast to your look, tie everything together with your shoes in the same colour.

Layer Fabrics

And make them fancy. Like the statement jewellery tip, wearing a piece of lace, silk or even velvet will immediately elevate your basic white tee. Your t-shirt will tone down the intensity of your fancy fabrics for a more daytime appropriate look.

A silk kimono thrown over a white tee and denim jeans is an upscale outfit that will take you from day to night.

How to add a touch of class to your t-shirt look

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