How to master the Grace Kelly fashion look Ireland

How to master the Grace Kelly fashion look

How to master the Grace Kelly fashion look

Regarded as one of the most stylish women of the 20th century, Grace Kelly was iconic long before she became the Princess of Monaco in 1958.

Not only was she an accomplished Hollywood star, but she was and still is the embodiment of elegant and glamour. If you want to know how you can bring Kelly’s sartorial glamour into your own wardrobe, keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our tips how to master this fabulous look.

Pearls Are The Number Accessory

Pearls were, perhaps, Kelly’s trademark accessory. And they are easy to fit into your everyday outfits. Pearls are simple, glamorous and embody the class that Kelly was known for. They are also incredibly versatile and work with not only your little black dress but a tee and jeans too.

To complete your look, add a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses and you will feel like a starlet in no time.

Steal From The Boys

Although she may be the image of femininity, Kelly was not afraid to borrow from the boys. She often incorporated classic masculine pieces into her wardrobe, something that is very easy to copy into your everyday wardrobe.

She knew how to make wide-legged trousers or a sophisticated button-down shirt work for her. To soften these structured pieces, she would emphasise her shape by cuffing the sleeves of her shirt and tucking it in at the waist.

Utilise A Red Lip

Kelly’s beauty look was all about elegance and simplicity. Unlike the equally iconic Audrey Hepburn, Kelly rarely worked with dark makeup. She instead opted to don a red lip to dress up her look.

And her minimalist approach to makeup is a reminder that a classic red lip can brighten up any look.

Keep It Casual

When we think of the legacy of Grace Kelly, the first word that comes to mind may not be casual. Although she was often seen in glamorous gowns in films and red carpets, she chose to wear loose fitting shirts and high-waisted trousers in her free time.

Surprisingly, her personal style was relaxed and laid-back to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and royalty. Even the most regal of women preferred to be comfortable.

How to master the Grace Kelly fashion look

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