Styling tips to take you out of your fashion comfort zone Ireland

Styling tips to take you out of your fashion comfort zone

Styling tips to take you out of your fashion comfort zone

We all can get stuck in a style rut. And some of us may even have items in the back of our wardrobes we are too nervous to wear.

You may even have gotten dressed in it sometimes, only to swap it with something else before heading out the door.

While it can be nerve-wrecking to step out of your style comfort zone, it can be a good thing to branch out and try new trends and looks. Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our tips to recall when gathering your courage.


Wearing something new can be scary and it’s okay if you don’t know where to begin. You can get used to wearing an intimidating item by drawing attention elsewhere. If you have a sequin blouse, you can wear a blazer or cardigan over it and let a little bit peek through. You can do the same with new shoes by pairing them with bootcut or flared jeans.

Have long hair? Why not use it to conceal new earrings until you get used to wearing them.

Use Wardrobe Staples

We truly cannot emphasise the importance of having basic pieces in your wardrobe. These are pieces that pair well with everything and can create numerous outfits. They can also be used to make a new fashion piece look and feel more comfortable and beautiful. Maybe you have a hand-me-down from your mother that you are not sure how to style. Pair it with some jeans or knitwear.

This will help you feel more like yourself until you get used to wearing your new fashion item.

Blue Denim Ladies Flares Littlewoods Ireland

Blue Denim Ladies Flares

Dress It Down

Maybe the item that you want to wear is a touch too fancy or formal. Dressing it down in a great way to tone down its intensity and make you more comfortable. This is where your wardrobe basics can come in handy. You can pair your jeans and jacket with a new brightly coloured top or wear sneakers with a fancy dress.

Wear It Around The House

If you find the idea of rocking a bold fashion piece outside, wear it in the comfort of your own home. Not only will this will help you get use to your new look, but also how it feels on your body. Before you know it, the fact you are wearing it will recede to the back of your mind.

If you still feel uncomfortable, try wearing a new look when you are not around your friends. Sometimes, we worry too much about what are friends and family think, and this can make us feel self-conscious.

However, if you start wearing stuff on your day off, you will become more comfortable when wearing it out later.

Styling tips to take you out of your fashion comfort zone

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