Fashion advice and rules we should ignore Ireland

Fashion advice and rules we should ignore

Fashion advice and rules we should ignore

Even though there are times when we must wear something formal or modest, our wardrobe have become less restrictive now more than ever.

Trends are fun to follow and allow us to experiment with our style and fashion choices. However, rules are made to be broken. And there are some fashion rules that should be forgotten about altogether. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland to find out the fashion rules you need to stop listening to.

Black & Navy Do Not Go Together

Due to how similar they look, many believe that black and navy simply do not belong together. Their rationale being that ‘it looks like you tried matching your clothes but didn’t have another black item.’

However, when worn intentionally, black and navy can look sophisticated and chic. While black is elegant on its own, navy just adds a touch of luxury.

Neither Do Pink & Red

The pairing of red and pink has obtained something of a bad reputation. It might have something to do with Valentine’s Day.

But, due to the popularity of this colour duo, it’s not hard to see how well they go together. Red is a primary colour, and all you have to do to make pink is add some white. At their core, these two colours complement each other, so why wouldn’t you wear them together?

Less Is More

We are huge fans of the icon that was Coco Chanel. However, sometimes her advice to take off one piece of jewellery before leaving the house does not apply.

If you are strutting around in a bold or over-the-top dress or top, sometimes you need to commit to the look. That means going bold with your accessories to balance things out.

Do Not Wear Socks & Sandals

Wearing socks with sandals may conjure up images of your dad on holidays. However, when styled the right way, they can actually look pretty chic. To pull of rocking your socks with your favourite pair of sandals, you need to commit to a fashion-forward look.

Just be sure to match your socks to the rest of your look and it will tie everything together. But, to avoid the dad look, try wearing your socks with open toe heels.

High Waisted Trousers Look Unflattering

Yes. This is actually a fashion rule. Although high-waisted trousers were considered controversial at first, many women have become more open to them in recent years. While the style may draw attention to your hips, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

High-waisted trousers can accentuate your curves. Not to mention, they are great at keeping you covered when you bend over.

Fashion advice and rules we should ignore

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