How to create a quick makeup routine in the morning Ireland

How to create a quick makeup routine in the morning

How to create a quick makeup routine in the morning

We wake up and do some meditation. This is followed by a shower and healthy breakfast as well as time to do our makeup and hair.

While this sounds like a blissful start to our day, it is not the reality for most people. Mornings can be hectic and rushed as people scramble about trying to get ready. Even though we all want to look good and have time to spend on our makeup, it is just not possible to find the time.

Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we are here to tell you that you can create a super simple makeup routine that takes you just 5 minutes in the morning. Don’t believe us? Just keep on reading to find out how.

Choose A Base

The easiest way to establish a quick morning makeup routine is to look for multipurpose products. These can include a tinted moisturiser with added SPF.

Using multipurpose products can cut down on your routine and make it easier. Not only do you not have to remember countless products in the morning but buying multipurpose ones can save you money as well.


Concealer is your best friend when it comes to covering up tired skin in the morning. You can not only use it for covering up your blemishes, but it conceals your tired eyes and serves as an eye shadow primer.

In fact, for every day makeup, you can skip the foundation and just use concealer on your blemishes and under your eyes. Then, you can go in with your blush and mascara and let your skin breathe.

Do Not Skip Mascara

Full lashes is a makeup look that is universally appealing. Swiping a couple of coats onto your lashes can define your eyes and is easier than any other makeup technique.

Look for one that lengthens and adds volume to your natural lashes.

Or Eye Shadow

If you are really pushed for time in the morning, you can skip the eye shadow. But if you do have an extra 30 seconds, using some shadow can define your eyes and make them look more awake. You can use an eye shadow stick that is easy to apply and doesn’t take a lot of time to blend out.

But if you are stuck, go with neutral shades. And make sure they are matte. It’s a quick way to define your eyes without wasting time. Applying a dark shade in your crease can be great for adding some structure. And an inner corner highlight can brighten your eyes.

Add A Touch Of Blush

Adding some colour to your cheeks can have a huge impact on how you look in the morning. No matter if it’s a soft pink or bronze, a flush of colour will make you look awake and ready to take on the day.

Go for a cream blush product for a more natural finish and to reduce the number of products you use, apply some of your lipstick to your cheeks. Not only can this reduce time spent doing your makeup, but it can tie your look together and make it look more uniform.

Finish With A Gloss

Like your blush, using a touch of colour on your lips can brighten up your complexion and revive tired looking skin. Whether you are rocking a bright red lip or just use some lip balm, hydrated lips will always make you look more youthful.

If you are in a rush, tinted lip balm is your friend and is more forgiving as you don’t have to worry about using lip liner and getting it right. A nude shade will typically work on everyone. And you can also use your tinted lip balm on your cheeks.

But, if you have time to apply just one product, go with a bright lip. Doing this will fool everyone into thinking you have spent a lot of time on your appearance.

How to create a quick makeup routine in the morning

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