How to style men’s cargo trousers during winter 2021 Ireland

How to style men’s cargo trousers during winter 2021

How to style men’s cargo trousers during winter 2021

One of the great things about combat trousers or cargo pants today is you don’t have to be in the military to enjoy their great looks. Since their introduction back in the late 1930’s, the cargo pants are a sound fashion choice for most men today.

During the middle 90’s, men of all ages were rocking their look but then this seemed to die down as we headed toward the turn of the century. However, in the past few years the cargo pants have seen some what of revival.

Being narrow around the ankle area and wider to the hips, the cargo pant look has that skater boy look to them. That said, they can be styled in so many ways and all year round.

Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we are going to take a look at how to style your combat trousers during winter. Like any type of winter dress, it’s how you layer your cargos that counts.

What qualifies as cargo pants?

Cargo pants or combat trousers were originally designed for military purpose. Their loose fitting cut are constructed for hard outdoor wear activities with deep pocket designs to the thigh area.

Today they come in a array of different colours and fabrics ensuring they can be styled in so many different ways.

Men's Grey Regular Fit Cargo Pants Ireland

Men’s Grey Regular Fit Cargo Pants

Choose the right fit

As we know , all of our body sizes vary so getting the right fitting cargo pants is important to nail any true stylish finish.

Baggy finishes are normally reserved for young gentlemen who require that relaxed casual fashion look. For those of you past your thirties, something more fitted is a must to maintain balance to your overall fashion finish.

Common designs include a straight leg finish that lands just above the ankle area. Choices will vary depending on your own body type or look you are trying to achieve.

The most important thing to remember is they should also feel comfortable and not cling to the body like cellophane.

Choosing your pocket style

A bit of though required here guys. As I said previously, cargo pants don’t come as a standard one for all design. Some trousers have bulkier pockets than others.

The bigger the pocket the more saggy the finish. If you are looking for something totally relaxed opt for large pockets. These look great when paired with hoodies and trainers.

For something more smarter, opt for smaller pockets with a slim leg finish. Leg pockets are great for holding your phone and other personal items. However, avoid anything really bulky like keys, they throw off the shape of your trousers.

Styling your cargo pants during winter

Now guys remember, cargo pants are only designed to be nothing more than anything up to smart casual. They are not a formal trouser dress to be worn for important occasions.

That said, there are lots of ways to achieve that great smart casual cargo pant fashion finish this winter.

When it comes to choosing colours, khaki, navy, black and shades or brown are a good foundation for any fashion assemble. These colours make them easier to fuse with anything above the waist.

For real casual wear pair your cargos with a warm tee and contrasting hoodie and chunky sneakers. This gives you that real day off look, a bit like loungewear.

Something more smarter

For a dressier finish, pair your cargos with a contrasting cable knit sweater or even a fitted soft lambs woollen sweater look smart.

Neutral shades above the waist can balance out your below waist choice of cargos. Finish with a smart ankle boot finish.

Jackets are a must for any outdoor look. A fitted bomber style leather jacket presents a modern trendy finish to complete your smart casual look.

Like anything, when styling any look, balance and contrasting your shades is vital. I personally love pastel shades above the waist when styling my own cargo pants during winter.

They brighten up any fashion finish giving it a type of glow during dark and dull winter months.


How to style men’s cargo trousers during winter 2021

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