How to embrace fashion trends without losing your style Ireland

How to embrace fashion trends without losing your style

How to embrace fashion trends without losing your style

Trends can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, they keep us looking modern and chic. On the other, it is exhausting trying to keep up with the sheer volume of them.

Trends are impossible to escape from as some can last for years. And, unless you sew your own clothes, you are going to be influenced by trends as they saturate the clothes you buy.

To help you embrace fashion trends without losing your own sense of style, keep on reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out!

Think Of Trends As Ideas

If you think about trends more like suggestions than rules on what you should wear, you can wear said trends without feeling you need to force your body to create a certain look.

Maybe you’ve experiment with ankle boots or peplum tops and found they are not for you. That’s okay. There are plenty of other fashion trends to try out. The point is to experiment with fashion until you find a style you are comfortable with. And remember that trends will come and go so it’s more important to wear something that you are comfortable with.

Fit Trends To Your Body

Not every trend is going to suit everyone. But if a certain trend is not working for you, do not fight against your body trying to make it look the way everyone else does. The problem is always the trend and never with your body shape.

One big trend in recent years is ruffles. Many pieces have ruffles on the arms, across the bust or on the shoulders. These variant placements look better on different body types. When you know your shape and what you want to accentuate, you can focus on having fun with fashion.

Wear Trends In Moderation

You do not have to wear every trend at the same time. You can look effortless and chic if you embrace trends in small doses and stick to classic pieces. When you experiment with trends, don’t feel pressured to go for the biggest or brightest.

Some trends only look cool because everyone is wearing them but can look dated in a few years. Sticking to classic pieces will help you avoid this problem. These can include a white blouse, a button-up shirt in a neutral colour or a pair of denim or black leather trousers.

How to embrace fashion trends without losing your style

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