Natural ways to detox your skin after Christmas Ireland

Natural ways to detox your skin after Christmas

Natural ways to detox your skin after Christmas

For most of us, Christmas plays havoc on our skin. Excessive makeup use and over eating can put our skin under pressure.

For some it can leave our skin looking spotty, blotchy even feel down right dull. So, now that it is the New Year, it’s about getting our skin and body back on track. Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland, we are going to show you how to get your skin back to healthy glow.

With a little TLC and a few simple guidelines, you can return your skin to that natural buzzing glow of pre-Christmas.

How our skin is affected by the Christmas season

There are so many contributing factors that cause our skin to fail during the festive season. It’s that one time of year when anything goes and we over indulge in things that can decrease the look of our skin.

The most common things that cause problem for our skin our

  • We increase our intake of sugary drinks and food
  • Our intake of dairy products also increases
  • We have a tendency to drink more booze that contains high levels of alcohol
  • Processed foods are always on the menu
  • We tend to get less sleep given the combination of alcoholic beverages and excessive partying
  • Some of us find Christmas a very stressing time.
How the body reacts

All or a combination of the above will increase in inflammation in your body, which causes am increase in stress hormones.

Any surge in body stress levels can lead to all different types of issues like a gain in weight, reduction in energy levels, problems with your digestion as well as sleep loss.

As far as your skin is concerned, any increase of inflammation can cause the skin to produce inflammatory hormones called Cytokines and Chemokines.

Hormones like these can trigger immune cell activation like enzymes and free radicals. These are not good for the skin.



Easy ways to detox

There is a saying that most of us are familiar with which is “we are what we eat.” This is true and watching what we eat is one easy road to follow to replenishing our skin.

By eating the right foods will lead to the restoration of returning your skin back to its natural glory. This can only be achieved by eradicating foods that cause inflammation to the skin

To detox your skin from the inside out, you need to restore hormonal balance in your diet.

Watch what you eat

There are simple steps we can all take to reduce inflammation of the skin. Things to watch out for are

  • Drinks or foods that contain high levels of sugars and carbohydrates
  • Any type of processed foods
  • Knock the takeaways and fast foods on the head
  • Avoid beer, wine of anything that contains alcohol
  • Go decaf and cut out drinks with any type of caffeine
Add nourishment to your diet

Switching the way you eat will definitely help your skin to recover after the Christmas period. A few simple changes and introductions of food that is kind to your body is definitely the path to follow to helping achieve better looking skin. Try things like

  • Veggies like Kale, cabbage, broccoli and asparagus
  • Herbal and green tea
  • Look for healthy fats like oily fish, animal fats, avocados, nuts and seeds, olive oil, coconut oil
Don’t forget to hydrate

Water is the key to life and is so good for inside and outside of the body. By keeping your body hydrated ensures you are cleansing your skin from inside.

By drinking a pint of water every hour for 8 hours a day is achievable by setting the timer on your phone to go off on the hour.

This ensures you are flushing away any harmful chemicals that are present in your body. One thing to remember, always ensure to take vitamins when on type of detox. Water also flushes away good nutrients so they need to be replaced.

The importance of sleep

Rest is vital when repairing anything to do with the body. Set yourself a target each week for getting the right sleep. Chill out at least an hour before bed and this means shutting down phones and laptops. Poor quality sleep increases inflammation and accelerates ageing?

Cleanse before bed

Using the correct clinical skincare products can help nourish and repair your skin. Every skin type is different and some skin care items work better than others which is why it’s important to seek advice before you try.

Warm water to the face is an excellent cleanser before bed. Treat yourself and give yourself a soft facial massage before you close your eyes. This helps to real facial tissue and increase circulation to muscles around the face.


Natural ways to detox your skin after Christmas

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