Ways to create natural looking brows using makeup Ireland

Ways to create natural looking brows using makeup

Ways to create natural looking brows using makeup

Everyone wants fluffy and natural looking brows. But if you are not working with a ton of brow hairs, it can be hard to know how to achieve this look. Brows have gone through a lot of trends over the years, from getting a little too comfortable with some tweezers to plucking them down to nothing.

To help you create natural looking brows with the little hairs you have left, here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland, we’ve put together some tips.

Secure Your Brow Hairs With Lash Glue

This is the first step to creating fluffy looking brows. Apply your lash glue throughout your brows and press the hairs upwards. This latex-free lash glue will ensure your brows stay in place. If you don’t have any glue on hand, you can use eyebrow gel instead. However, lash glue will help your brow hair stay put all day.

Apply a few coats to ensure each hair is thoroughly coated. When the glue has dried, brush your hairs up with a spoolie. This will help to create your brow shape and remove any excess glue residue.

Grab Your Products

Some people have brow hairs, and some don’t. To create the look of natural brows, it’s best to use an eyebrow pen. Use light strokes in an upward motion to where your natural hair would grow. This step will help you control how natural your brows look.

If you are unsure of how to use an eyebrow pen, start with very light strokes and you can always go back over them. if you are unsure of what shade to use, look at your natural hair. Since hair comes in different shades, you want to get close to the colour as possible. It doesn’t have to be the perfect match, and this will help to stop your brows from looking too obvious. If you have dark hair, go a shade lighter and the opposite applies to very light hair.

The Tail Is Crucial

There is no reason to be intimidated by the tail of your brows. The trick is to angle your wrist slightly so that you can draw the tail on ensuring it looks believable.

If you don’t know where to begin, make shorter movements and use light pressure. You can always add more colour later. Once you have the tail drawn on, you will start to see the entire brow come together.

Conceal & Highlight

To enhance the shape of your brows, use concealer to clean them up. Using concealer will not only cover any mistakes you’ve made, but it will also highlight your brows and make them look lifted.

Ways to create natural looking brows using makeup

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