Men’s bomber jacket fashion trends for 2021 Ireland

Men’s bomber jacket fashion trends for 2021

Men’s bomber jacket fashion trends for 2021

There is something about the bomber jacket that makes it perfect for any season. As a timeless classic, the bomber jacket can be styled in so many ways for so many different occasions.

It’s versatility allows it to be dressed up or down up to the point of smart casual fashion. The fact it’s a body insulator makes it perfect for both summer and winter wear.

Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we take a look at a few colours that will be setting the trend in men’s bomber jackets in 2021.

What is a bomber jacket?

Before we kick off with what bomber jacket shades will be trending in 2021, let’s look at what qualifies as a bomber jacket.

The bomber jacket is a military style flight jacket invented back during the first world war. It outer leather and inner thermal insulation kept pilot warm when flying in battle in open top war planes.

Fast forward through the generations, its evolved to a smart piece of casual fashion wear. Today’s designs come in suede, nylon and wool with most including a zipper front, ribbed cuffs and hemline.

The “right fit” is one of the key things to remember when choosing your bomber jacket. It should present a comfortable fitted finish to any great bomber jacket look.

Black Faux Leather Bomber Jacket With Jersey Hood Ireland

Black Faux Leather Bomber Jacket With Jersey Hood

How to style your bomber jacket in 2021

This season is going to be kind to the bomber jacket look. There are so many brilliant ways to wear your bomber jacket that you will be spoilt for choice. However, before jumping the gun and start styling your outfit, its important to choose shades that suit your own style preference.

Whether you select a traditional black leather bomber design or a brown suede finish, make sure your choice suits you. The last thing you want to is to pay good money for a jacket that you won’t wear cos you grow tired of it.

The burgundy bomber jacket

Made popular during the punk era of the 1960’s and 70’s, the burgundy bomber is tipped to be a fashion favourite in 2021. It’s warm shades make it perfect styling for a range of occasions.

Pair with black jeans and neutral shirt it’s a great smart casual look. To dress down add a black tee or hoodie for those lady casual days.

Olive Bomber Jacket

I reckon this will probably be the most popular shade of bomber jacket for men this coming season. Olive which is a shade of green has a slight military look about it and works well for most smart casual dress.

Fused with blue denim, it can be worn with polo shirts or tees (depending on the occasion) Fusing your olive bomber with chinos is another great option to dress your look up a tad. Opt for neutral shades when pairing with your olive bomber jacket for the best results

The red bomber jacket

This shade is for men who are out to make a true fashion statement and looking to get noticed. It’s a lot more fashion-forward than other shades,

Deeps hues give your bomber jacket that bit more edge. Paired with blue or black denim jeans and crew neck tops provides for a fab fashion finish. Oh, don’t forget your white sneakers to complete your trend setting look.

A final thought

A few things to remember when buying your bomber jacket. First up is practicality. Will it fit with existing pieces within your wardrobe? Second up is the maintenance of your jacket.

The likes of suede has to be dry- cleaned so there are extra expenses to your fashion budget. These might seem trivial but are important things to consider when buying your new bomber jacket.


Men’s bomber jacket fashion trends for 2021

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