Stylish ways to wear ladies dresses during winter

Stylish ways to wear ladies dresses during winter

Stylish ways to wear ladies dresses during winter

It’s winter girls so it’s all about layering, staying warm and looking great. For those of you who aren’t trousers and pants fans, dresses are the only other option.

That said, unlike the pants, dresses leave our legs more exposed to the elements and lead to unwanted drafts to our pins.

However, dresses are the true fashion option when looking to style one’s self anytime of the year. Get the type of dress and styling right and you can look great all day and night.

Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to look at a few ways to wear your dress in comfort and style during the winter months.

The turtleneck long sleeve sweater and shift dress fusion

As I said earlier, layering is an important part of any persons assemble during winter. Mixing stylish warm clothing with your dress keeps you warm and your look fashionable.

A neutral turtleneck worn under a patterned shift dress looks oh so chic. This minimalistic combo is a real fashion pleaser for any day or night look. Complete the look with a plain pair of black boots and structured bag

The black tights and skirt mix

For some, tights are a given during the winter months. They keep our legs warm which allows us to be a bit more inventive with other fashion garments. It’s a chance to uplift the hem line of your skirt or dress to real your super looking pins.

The best way to look good in tights is opt for the safe and reliable black option. If black isn’t your thing, choose other winter tones but avoid anything bright like neons.

To fuse your shades of black correctly make sure the top half of your fashion assemble has flickers of black to balance your colour coordinates

Ensure your jacket and dress are similar in colour and lengths. This avoids making your outfit look too busy.

Sweater up

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to leave your best slip or maxi dress in the closet. Nope and that’s all down to the fab selection of sweaters available today. Pairing your floaty dress of summer with an neutral shade oversized sweater can look simply stunning. Fuse with booties. Great for those lazy winter get together with friends days.

Long sleeve bodycon wrap dress Ireland

Long sleeve bodycon wrap dress

The midi sweater dress and long coat finish

One of the best things about the mid sweater dress is its guaranteed warmth during winter. It’s basically like wearing a blanket but a lot more stylish.

Opt for neutral shades for your midi sweater dress and pair with a long colour block long coat in shades of tortilla, peanut or light cream coffee. Fuse with healed boot for that extra lift.

The dress and black pants effect

Black pants or leggings are the new tights but are a lot warmer and interesting if styled correctly. Warm shades in a tunic style dress paired with fitted blank pants are perfectly acceptable as winter fashion styling.

For that smart casual girl about town look, add your favourite white sneakers. Add your stylish pair of shades and you got that cool understated fashion look.

The knee-high boots and dress combo

For some girls, winter is a great time for fashion as it allows for those stylish knee-high boots to make an appearance. As well as keeping your legs protected from the wind and rain, they also look fab when worn with a dress.

Ensure your style of dress lands just above the top of the boot. Fuse with a jacket that is similar in length and colour. Black or brown shades are always the safe option but don’t dismiss red shades of burgundy.

The maxi dress fused with a colour coordinated coat

This is a great way to introduce the rebelette look into your day or night casual fashion finish. Pairing your black maxi dress with a leather jacket or cropped peacoat looks stunning. However avoid any type of jacket that is long lengthen or looks bulky. Add your flats or sneakers and add a turtleneck to make your finish more interesting.

Faux fur and mid dress

What is it about fur during the winter that makes it perfect for styling? Nowadays we don’t have to rely on fur taken from an animal to look fab. Instead faux fur is equally stylish without having to harm animals for the sake of fashion.

A stylish black midi dress fused with contrasting fur jacket or even vest gives you that great fashion look and warmth, all in one go. Add your boots (tights optional) and you nailed it.


Stylish ways to wear ladies dresses during winter

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