Adidas unveil their sustainable goals for 2021 Ireland

Adidas unveil their sustainable goals for 2021

Adidas unveil their sustainable goals for 2021

In Sustainable fashion news Ireland, Adidas have set out their sustainable targets for 2021 which will see 60% of all their products they manufacturer or package using sustainable materials.

The German sportswear company that has been in operation for 71 years is turning up the heat on their competitors by announcing that next year (2021) 60% of all their products will be constructed using sustainable materials which includes the likes sustainably grown cotton or recycled polyester.

To make their products easier to identify by consumers, Adidas will label these items with either their Primeblue or Primegreen labels that they introduced this year.

This is an extension of Adidas’s own pledge to eliminate the use of new polyester to recycled polyester by the year 2024. Foe the past 2 years, the German company already uses sustainable cotton in their manufacturing process of goods.

Talking about their new commitment to sustainability, Kasper Rorsted who is the current Chief Executive Officer for Adidas confirmed in a media statement that his company have continued to invest in sustainability initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic and hope to expand their Adidas range of sustainable products even further in the coming year.

Kasper said “Sustainability is an integral part of the Adidas business philosophy. We have. To this end, for example, we have worked with our suppliers to create the structures that make it possible to process recycled materials on a large scale. Not only does our commitment make Adidas more sustainable, but it also drives the development of the whole industry,”

Back in 2015, Adidas entered into a partnership with environmental specialists Parley for the Oceans with a target to doubling the number of recycled sports shoes they produce. Next year in 2021, Adidas hope to construct over 17 million pairs of their shoes using recycled plastic waste that has been gathered coastal regions and beaches. This is an increase of 2 million pairs of shoes in 2020.

Adidas are also engaging with its suppliers within their supply chain with a target of working towards climate neutrality across the globe the year 2050.


Adidas unveil their sustainable goals for 2021

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