New Fear of God and Adidas fashion partnership

New Fear of God and Adidas fashion partnership

New Fear of God and Adidas fashion partnership

In Irish fashion news, German sports brand Adidas have teamed up with American fashion brand: Fear of God for a new long-term partnership.

Adidas that was founded in Herzogenaurach back in 1949 will team up with founder of active lifestyle and basketball brand Jerry Lorenzo and his Fear of God fashion brand for new collections as a united partnership between both Adidas and Fear of God.

This new alliance between the sorts companies is expected to generate and connect the Adidas brand with basketball fans globally while at the same time strengthening the new Fear of God Athletics line.

The Fear of God luxury fashion brand was set up back in 2013 in Los Angeles by 43-year-old Jerry Lorenzo.

In a media statement released by Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo, he commented that this partnership between his brand and Adidas is perfect given they both share the same shared vision and conviction which are at the heart of the accretion of both brands.

Jerry said “This partnership will shape sports and culture, with the purpose to truly multiply our nuanced strengths to revolutionise the performance basketball industry forever.”

Brian Grevy who’s responsible for global brands at Adidas commented that both Adidas and Fear of God share the same vision for the future of basketball which goes way beyond the basketball court. The Adidas board member believes both companies will work in tandem in changing the face of the Basketball industry for years to come.

Brian said “The global impact that Jerry Lorenzo and Fear of God has had on culture and the industry is undeniable. Jerry is a creative visionary and embodies a true expression of the entrepreneurial spirit today.

Jerry Lorenzo is a well-recognised name within the LA community where basketball plays a huge part in family life and culture.

Adidas see this new partnership with Fear of God of cementing their brand in grass roots of the basketball communities while uniting basketball fans through fashion.

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