How to wear blush during the winter months Ireland

How to wear blush during the winter months

How to wear blush during the winter months

For us gals who rely on blush as part of our daily makeup routine, there is something important you should know.
Like most beauty regimes, it’s always good to adapt per season and this applies to wearing blush.

The way we should apply and wear blush is different in many ways during winter. We all still want to max that flawless blush affect but change of application does change during colder seasons

Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we are going to show you some simple ways to approach blushing to get you through the winter. With a few changes you will maintain that beautiful blush look day or night.

Avoid certain shades of pink

While the likes of soft pink shades looks fab during the summer months when your skin is exposed to more sun light sunlight, in winter it’s a different ball game.

When winter strikes, it’s important to accent your face using different shades. Opt for darkened shades of blushes, and leave soft pinks for the summer. Choose blush shades with a more rustic copper or red hue instead.

LAURA MERCIER Fresco shade of blush from Arnotts Ireland

LAURA MERCIER Fresco shade of blush from Arnotts

Shades like these always look better when twinned with darker winter eye shadow and lippy, and fuse with neutral shades of winter fashion.

Identify your cheekbones

Application of any makeup can always be tricky regardless of the time of year. However, when applying blush during winter. apply it a tad below your cheekbones

This will help to accentuate your cheekbones and ensure more definition to your face. To gives off a more natural and healthy look of colouring to the facial area and ensure not to overdo the amount you apply.

To find the position of your cheekbones, simply open your mouth wide when applying your makeup.

This makes it easier to identify exactly where your cheekbones so you can apply your blush in the right places for that flawless finish.

Powder your apples

During the months of winter, avoid applying blush to the apples of your cheeks. Leave this to the months of summer when this area can of the skin can look a little more sun-kissed.

Blush to the apples just doesn’t look natural during the winter and instead blend a small dose of white powder to your cheekbones instead.

The white powder helps to highlight the cheekbones and allows for your beautiful checks to have a more luminous finish.

Winter blushing technique

Some of us see our makeup as war paint and want to make a true beauty statement as soon as we step outside the door.

By altering the way we apply our makeup during the winter months can insure we still radiate a natural glow to our makeup look.

These simple blush techniques can help you maintain that natural looking skin which helps you to look your best both day and night.

One final word

During the winter months, always make sure to exfoliate and moisturise your skin. It is exposed to harsher outdoor elements so it needs a bit more protection from the wind, rain and cold.

Look after your skin and it will be kind to any beauty look you are looking to achieve for years to come.


How to wear blush during the winter months

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