Simple fashion rules to follow to look good this season Ireland

Simple fashion rules to follow to look good this season

Simple fashion rules to follow to look good this season

There are many rules in life. And when it comes to dressing well, there are certain ones that you should follow.

However, everyone has their own opinion on what looks good and what doesn’t. What works for someone might not work for someone else. When it comes to dressing, they should be taken at face value.

Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we believe these ‘rules’ have been found throughout fashion history and they tend to be found in the obvious. But the obvious can often go overlooked.

Keep reading to find out the best fashion rules to follow to ensure you always look good.

Wear Your Suit Well

The key to looking good in any suit is the fit. If you are buying one off-the-rack, focus on getting the fit across the shoulders right. You can always get the chest and waist altered. Steer clear of period suits. Unless you wear the suit in its entirety, rocking the suit in isolation can make it look like a novelty.

Instead, stick to classic – dark, two buttons and single-breasted. It’s not boring, it’s classy and timeless. Think of a suit as a way to express your individuality. It’s about how you wear it, not the label you are wearing.

Invest In A Watch

Although we live in a world of smartphones that have made watches a bit redundant, they can be works of art. Choose a watch because you love the look of it. Watches are personal. But they also need to be practical. A rugged sports watch can go with anything and withstand hard knocks that come with everyday wear.

Embrace Colour

Whether you are wearing a smart suit or simple t-shirt and jeans, embrace colour. Most men are intimated by anything that isn’t black or navy. But colour can also look timeless. A green parka jacket can look stylish during wintertime while bright shades of blue can perk up any outfit.

However, when it comes to colour, less is more. You just need a bit in one garment.

Break In Your Jeans

The most useful cut of denim is the slim-tapered. It’s wider on the thigh, so it feels comfortable. But it narrows so it works for both casual and smart-casual looks. It is the best, wear-with-anything garment. The best thing about denim is that it ages with how you wear it.

Look After Yourself

This may seem like advice your dear mother would give you but it is solid advice nonetheless. If you invest money into your clothes and accessories, look after them. use wooden hangers for your shirts and shoe trees for your smart shoes. Wash your clothes regularly and have your suit dry cleaned.

Build a simple self-care routine. Shower, brush your hair and trim your nails. These little things can make a big difference in how you feel and can build your confidence. And fashion is all about being confident.

Simple fashion rules to follow to look good this season

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