Why you need to own a pair of bell bottom jeans Ireland

Why you need to own a pair of bell bottom jeans

Why you need to own a pair of bell bottom jeans

If you are looking for an alternative to your skinny jeans, you need to own a pair of bell bottoms.

Or flared jeans. Typically fitting at your waist and thighs before, you guessed it, flaring out from your knees, these 70s inspired trousers are great for lengthening your legs. Not to mention that they are perfect for all body shapes.

But not all jeans are created equally. High waisted styles are great for hiding a muffin top. Well fitted bell bottoms work best for skinny legs while palazzo trousers work only for super tall people. If you want to slim down your thighs, get yourself some bootcut jeans.

To finds out how to wear your bell bottom jeans, keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland.

Best Shoes To Wear

Shoes often pose a problem for people when wearing bell bottoms. Usually people are stuck on choosing the right pair. And the right pair are tall and chunky. Depending on your jeans, you may need to get them tailored so they are not too long or short. A platform heel or boots can look fresh with a wide legged jean. But any shoes will work with your bell bottom jeans.

You just need to keep in mind their length.

How To Dress Them Up

It is surprisingly easy to dress up your bell bottoms. A pair in a darker wash will always be more versatile than a lighter colour. Not to mention that dark wash bell bottoms can look like work trousers. Just slip on a blazer and shirt and you’ve got a chic business-casual look.

For a stylish everyday look, you can embrace the jean’s bohemian vibe with a flowy white shirt or simply wear a jumper and tuck it into the waistband.


Think of your bell bottoms like your favourite skinny jeans. Adding a belt can be a good way to polish your look. Finish your look off with a handbag and you’re all set.


To add some balance to your bell bottoms if they are high-waisted, you can wear a cropped jumper and finish your look off with some mules or boots. You can also pair your jeans with a well-fitted top and finish the look off with your classic outerwear. And don’t forget the winter essentials like your hat and scarf.

Why you need to own a pair of bell bottom jeans

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