Simple ways you can prevent your skin from chafing Ireland

Simple ways you can prevent your skin from chafing

Simple ways you can prevent your skin from chafing

We don’t need to tell you how annoying chafing is. Chafing is usually cause by moisture and friction. This friction can lead to redness, itchiness and stinging.

And what makes chafing even more painful? The areas that they pop up the most. Thighs, underarms, nipples and groin. While some causes of chafed skin are unavoidable – like clothing – there are things you can do to protect your skin and keep your barrier replenished. Keep reading there at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out how you can prevent chafing and treat those pesky symptoms.

Wear Moisture Wicking Fabrics

Moisture and sweat are key contributors when it comes to chafing. And we don’t need to tell you how exercise can increase your chances of chafing. Sweat plus skin rubbing from running can cause major friction on your skin.

So, staying dry is key to keeping you chafe-free. It’s essential that you wear breathable fabrics. And change out of sweaty clothing quickly after your workout. For everyday movements, ensure that you are wearing clothing that fits you properly. Too much fabric can cause friction while something too tight can irritate areas like your underarms.

Also, try to avoid fabrics that absorb moisture, like cotton. Choose technical fabrics that keep you dry instead.

Use An Anti-Chafing Balm

Once you start wearing the right fabrics, areas of your body that are prone to chafing can be treated the same way. And this is by using a product that will protect your skin. One way to prevent friction that leads to chafing is by using an anti-chafing balm.

Or Use Deodorant

Ah, the internet’s favourite anti-chafing hack. To prevent your skin from rubbing against each other, apply some deodorant to chafing-prone areas. However, a solid deodorant would be better to use than a spray one. A wax stick deodorant will have emollient ingredients which can help to protect your skin.

Apply A Barrier Cream To Chafing Areas

Using a barrier cream on chafing areas will give your skin protection. This can work by causing your skin to glide rather than rub.

While using a thick barrier cream can be great for preventing chafing, it can be a pain for those of you with acne. To fix this, you can simply apply barrier cream whenever you have to wear your mask and then immediately wash your face when you arrive home. You then apply nothing on your face at night time. when you use a barrier cream, you are stopping your hair follicle’s natural exfoliation cycle. This natural cycle is how we get rid of dirt and oil from your skin. After cleansing and applying no skincare overnight, you are giving your hair follicle a chance to reset.

Use A Primer Under Your Mask

If you get chafing on your face from wearing your mask all day, we have a trick for that too. Using thicker products can block pores and cause acne. So, apply a primer to the area before putting on your mask to prevent flaking or dryness.

Simple ways you can prevent your skin from chafing

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