Simple beauty tips to try Christmas Day Ireland

Simple beauty tips to try Christmas Day

Simple beauty tips to try Christmas Day

I think we can all agree that this Christmas Day is different to that of previous year. After a turbulent year of restrictions and lockdowns due COVID-19, lots of us will be hoping for better times to come in 2021.

However, just because our outdoor movements are different this year, isn’t an excuse to neglect our beauty looks on Christmas Day. We will all be involved in family photos and sending selfies to our friends so looking good is vital.

Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we are going to show you how to adjust your makeup for that immaculate all day and night look.

Give your false lashes a day off

This is one day of the year when you can give your false eyelashes a day off and here’s why. It’s Christmas Day, there will be lots of hugging with relatives, some crying oh and nap time after dinner. This may cause your falsies to skew and ruin any perfect eyelash looks. Instead opt for a soft.

Go for a soft, edgy mascara instead of falsies. Choose a high impact mascara which provides the right amount of thickness, length, volume and lift without eyelash overload.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Couture Eyeliner from Ireland

YVES SAINT LAURENT Couture Eyeliner from

Keep your eye look simple

The more uncomplicated your eye look is means the less risk of it smudging, flaking or creasing. However, this does not mean you have to neglect any type of glamorous finish. Instead go a little lighter with the liner.

If you using liquids, ensure they are waterproof (useful for any of you weepers) Use a little setting spray on a small liner brush. Now dip it into matte black or chocolate eyeshadow. Then press into the lash line and buff out.

This provides for that deep, smoky without the risk of smudging or dropping onto your face which you have already buffed out.


  • Laden your eye primer or long-wear cream shadow
  • Contour the eye with go-to crease colour
  • Enrich the lash line with powder
  • Illuminate the inner corner, middle of the lid, and brow bone
  • Administer a couple coats of mascara
Choose a stain instead of full matte lip

It’s Christmas Day so you will be filling your face with different types of rich and sweet foods (that’s allowed) This is a day to avoid any type of matte lip finish. Switch this out instead for smug stain lippy. This helps avoid any patchy or crusty lip finishes.

Apply a small blob of your liquid lipstick onto your finger and pad it softly over the whole surface of the lips. This provides for that soft and blurred perfect effect. Another option is use a rose or nude lip liner and apply balm. Another great finish.

Easy on the base and a bit of touching up will do

OK, one true makeup tip to remember is the lighter the base, the less risk of any patchiness, oil breaking through, unwanted shine, and dry spots.

Only apply a primer that suits your own skin type. Add a lighter layer of foundation that will even out and blend with your skin tone.
For those of you who use a high-coverage foundation, apply sparingly and ensure to buff it out.

Use your concealer to address any redness, blemishes and dark circles. Complete with a small bit of translucent powder. This gives you a fresh yet flawless finish with little risk of strange textures developing.

Blush up, highlight and setting spray

By adding a touch of blush along with your highlighter will add dimension to the face which presents a warm and rosy effect for those all-important any family photos and selfies on Christmas Day.


Simple beauty tips to try Christmas Day

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