H&M switching up to sustainable packaging Ireland

H&M switching up to sustainable packaging

H&M switching up to sustainable packaging

In Sustainable fashion news Ireland, fashion retailer, H&M are experimenting with new paper packaging in order to eliminate plastic from all their packaging.

The Swedish fashion retailer distributes millions of fashion items sold on line every year that are distributed through their centres in the UK, Holland and Sweden.

This new testing phase by H&M in switching from plastic packaging to paper is a first for them in their bid to cut down on all plastic waste.

One of the other things behind this packing solution is to ensure it ties in with H&M’s aim to become more circular with the paper being used being certified which once opened can then be fully recycled.

Another addition in using paper opposed to plastic is that branding can be applied using labels. This allows each brand to personalise promotional messages ensuring they are never outdated which would normally apply when bulk manufacturing plastic packaging.

Hanna Lumikero, who is responsible for the new packaging system at H&M Group commented that H&M are introducing a type of packaging that will benefit both the customer and the environment

Hanna said” It is yet to be improved since we need to continue working on replacing the use of plastic throughout our logistics supply chain. But by introducing this new multi-brand packaging we are creating a huge impact by replacing the outer plastic with a paper solution. This is a small step on a long journey,”

These new packaging solution by H&M will assist the H&M Group in their targets of reducing the use of non-eco-friendly packaging by up to 25% by 2025.

Hennes & Mauritz (AKA, H&M) which was founded in Sweden back in 1947 are today one of the world’s leading clothing-retail companies that operate in over 74 counties globally and specialise in ladies, men’s and children’s fashion and accessories.


H&M switching up to sustainable packaging

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