Ways to style ladies basic tees during winter Ireland

Ways to style ladies basic tees during winter

Ways to style ladies basic tees during winter

When it comes to fashion basics, every woman should own at least 2-3 basic tees in her wardrobe. The tee is a reliable “go to” piece of fashion that can be worn in so many ways.

Whether for lounge wear, dressing up or down, the ladies tee can be incorporated into so many different fashion looks.

However, the basic or plain tee has more mileage than graphic tees that limits their use. Plain tees can act as the foundation for any great fashion look all year round.

Even though it’s winter, the basic tee shouldn’t be dismissed as part of any of your day or evening looks. Balancing your fashion finish to incorporate laying is the key to nailing that great fashion finish during the winter months ahead.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we will show you some quick and easy ways to transform your tee into fashionable wear during winter.

Pair your tee with statement jewellery

Who doesn’t love to accessorise? Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to dull down your fashion look. In fact the opposite applies as a statement piece of jewellery can elevate any fashion look even on the darkest of days.

A basic tee doesn’t have to be boring. Add colourful necklace and your basic tee look can be lifted in an instant. However, do take your tee design into consideration when adding any jewellery.

For those tees with a low V-neck, add a long chunky pendant necklace over it. For tees with a scoop-neck finish, opt for a shorter type necklace.

The oversized tee look

Any oversized ladies tee offers more versatility when dressing up or down. Various shades gives you options when putting any fashion assemble together.

They can be more eye-catching than the tighter T-shirts designs. Oversized tees can be worn with leggings and hoodie as perfect casual fashion during winter.

One of the great benefits of a plain oversized tee is it can be also worn as a t-shirt dress if it lands below the mid-thigh region. Air of caution though, add neutral tights and teddy bear coat if you are venturing out doors as extra laying required.

White tee from Littlewoods Ireland

White tee from Littlewoods Ireland

Think of footwear to pair with your tee

Like any fashion assemble, footwear and either make or break your fashion finish. Neutral tees paired with jeans and faux leather jacket and white sneakers is a relaxed fashion look during the winter months.

The leather jacket keeps your body insulated. For something a bit more dress me up, opt for pastel shade tees and add a pair of neutral cigarette style trousers and fitted coat. Add a colour block pair of contrasting strappy heels to pull together a great fashion finish.

Fitted jeans fused with a plain neutral tee and waist line jacket look fab when paired with ankle boots. It can make your look more interesting. Don’t forget the statement jewellery piece.

The tee and jeans combo

Probably the best and easiest fashion combination to pull over 365 days of the year. They are the perfect pair for dressing your fashion look up or down. A well as being comfortable together, the tee and jeans offers you so many options in fashion styling.

Because your tee is basic, introduce options to your choice of jeans. Ripped or distressed jeans add extra interest to your fashion finish.

For something more formal, plain jeans with embroidered detailing are a great combo with your plain tee. Given its winter, be inventive and add colourful jeans like blues or reds to your white tee look.

The marriage of a tee and stylish jacket

All it takes really is a basic tee, fused with a stylish jacket to get the best finish for your tee. A jacket offers body insulation as well as protection against outdoor elements during winter months. Get the right style jacket to fuse with your tee and it can transcend your fashion look in an instant.

My advice is simple, don’t be scared to experiment with different lengths and fits of jacket during winter. A cropped leather jacket looks fab when paired with longer tee.

Going casual then add a chunky knit cardigan with a T-shirt for a cosy finish. For something more formal, opt for a fitted style jacket. This will help to project as well as compliment your own natural body shape while keeping your fashion look together.


Ways to style ladies basic tees during winter

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