How to clean a nose piercing and avoid infection

How to clean a nose piercing and avoid infection

Nose piercings are becoming popular for those of you who want to change up their looks. Or just ease themselves into piercings.

If you are considering getting your nose pierced, there are some things you need to think about. Make sure you are going to a professional and that you are taking care of your piercing afterwards. Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we show you tips on ways to keep your nose piercing clean and infection free.


Just like a tattoo, a piercing is an open wound that requires you to keep it clean. Thanks to the location, the risk of infection for nose piercings is high. Because the veins in this area are connected to the sinus cavity, problems in this area can be serious.

Your piercing will go through different stages as it heals. Take diligent care during the first few days, as your tissue around the site will be the most sensitive. You will probably experience bleeding, pain and tenderness. But do not automatically assume these are signs of infection.

To make sure your healing process goes as smooth as possible, wash your hands before cleaning your piercing. Other than saline solution, don’t soak your piercing in any water until it’s fully healed. This means staying away from swimming pools, hot tubs and baths. Avoid moving your jewellery during the healing process. You can accidentally open up your wound and slow down healing.

The times it takes for your piercing to heal depends on the location just as much as aftercare. A nostril piercing takes roughly three to six months to heal. While a septum piercing heals closer to two to four months.

How To Clean Your Piercing

You should be cleaning your piercing twice a day until the months long healing process is complete. Use a non-iodised sea salt soak or spray, which you can make yourself or buy from a pharmacy.

If you are soaking your piercing, hold a small bowl up to your piercing and lean into the water. Place your piercing into the bowl for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, rinse with clean water and pat dry with a paper towel.

If you are using a spray, soak a cotton bud with the solution and gently go around your piercing. Both inside and outside your nostril.

And make sure you keep the jewellery as clean as possible. Wash it using a gentle soap and warm water to keep away any bacteria or crust build up.

Westlab Dead Sea Salt

Westlab Dead Sea Salt

What To Do About Infection

It’s totally normal for your new piercing to have pain or discharge while healing. However, anything more than minor irritation can be cause for concern.

If your piercing looks bright red, is oozing thick and yellow discharge or forming blisters, seek medical attention. There are also non-visible symptoms that you should be aware of. These can include your piercing been incredibly tender to the touch, smelling foul, being really itchy, overly painful and you have a fever.

When To Take Out Your Piercing

It is important that you do not take out, move or touch your piercing until it is fully healed. It is recommended that you leave it for six months, no matter what piercing, but the longer you leave it, the more you are sure it is safe.

If you want to know if your piercing is ready to be removed, check for any pain, discomfort, tenderness or discharge. If you have any of these symptoms, leave your piercing alone. It’s not quite ready yet.

No matter how long you wait, be sure to replace your jewellery fairly quickly. Any piercing can close up without jewellery. Even when they are fully healed.

How to clean a nose piercing and avoid infection

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