How to take care of your sweaters this winter 2020 Ireland

How to take care of your sweaters this winter 2020

How to take care of your sweaters this winter 2020

When the cold weather hits, we know exactly the fashion piece that will keep us warm. The old tried and true jumper.

From early autumn to late winter, your jumper is the ultimate best friend. And like all your best friends, it could do with some TLC. Although they can be delicate, there are some tips and tricks you can do to make your knitwear last a long time. Keep reading there at Teenage fashion Ireland o find out how to take care of your jumpers this winter.

Take Care Of Pills Right Away

Your perfect jumper will start to look like an old, ungroomed dog after a while. And unfortunately, all knitwear pills. It’s usually caused by fabric rubbing together and you will start to first notice it at the elbows or the sleeves. But it can happen anywhere.

To remove the pesky pills, lay your jumper flat and go over them with a razor. Do not pick them off or they could get worse.

Turn Noticeable Snags Inside Out

When it comes to knitwear, snags are the absolute worst! This is what happens when the stitch comes out of the jumper. They seem unfixable and you risk catching the snag on something and your whole jumper unravelling.

While not completely fixable, you can place your snag on the inside. This will make them no longer an issue on the outside. Simply turn your jumper inside out, use a crochet hook, put it into the snag and pull it through.

Remove Dandruff And Lint Regularly

A soft hairbrush or toothbrush is your best friend when removing lint, dandruff or hair from your knitwear. Just be careful not to be too harsh with the fabric or you risk damaging it.

Know How To Wash And When

Washing clothes is never fun and least of all jumpers. Most of the time, you should wash them by hand. This will make them last longer and protect the fabric.

To hand wash your jumpers, fill a sink with cold water, add some gentle detergent, submerge your jumper and let it soak for a few minutes. Then rinse it with clean water. To dry your favourite knitwear, never wring out the water. Gently squeeze it out and roll up in a towel to absorb any excess moisture. Lay it on a flat drying rack and you’re done.

Fabrics like cotton and cashmere need to be washed after about two wears. Something like wool can stand to go longer between washes. But remember to always check the label and never wash your knitwear any more often than necessary.

How to take care of your sweaters this winter 2020

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