Men's fashion trends 2020 to carry into your 2021 wardrobe Ireland

Men’s fashion trends 2020 to carry into your 2021 wardrobe

Men’s fashion trends 2020 to carry into your 2021 wardrobe

With an endless stream of fashion trends that go in and out of style, it can be hard to keep up. not to mention how expensive it can be trying to wear the latest trends.

Luckily, there are some trends that look set to stick around. So keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland as we break down the biggest fashion trends of this year that you can take into your 2021 wardrobe.

Loosen Up

Figure-hugging fits have been dominating menswear trends for years. However, baggy clothes reminiscent of Chandler Bing’s oversized tailoring have made a comeback. Loose cuts are creeping up into mainstream fashion and looks set to continue for many more years to come.

When you have spent years trying to fit into skinny jeans, the idea of wearing something that doesn’t cling to your calves can be daunting. But you just need to know who to create a seamless look. The key is balance. Wearing a tight fitting trouser with a baggy jacket looks disproportionate. So, the trick is to pair similar cuts together that flows from head to toe. This means if your leg-wear is relaxed, your top half should be too.

Commando Shoes

Men’s footwear seems to be moving away from simplicity and embracing OTT styling.

While the rise of maximalism is more apparent in trainers, boots and brogues have gotten more elaborate makeovers.

A commando sole is a formal footwear’s answer to the chunky trainer. It looks bold and bulky and completely alters the look of the shoe. Every design from Derby shoes to Chelsea boots got the commando-sole treatment this year and we don’t see it going away anytime soon.

Great Outdoors

Over the years, menswear has integrated function with fashion even more than before. Pockets are aplenty and the biggest names in fashion have played around with materials and technical fabrics.

While this is not an old trend, it is one that makes life easier. Because, let’s face it, your parka is always going to hold up better in the rain than your peacoat.

But, like all trends, it is never a good idea to deck yourself head to toe in one. Instead, try wearing a few pieces at a time and work them into your current wardrobe. The most obvious choice is your outerwear, like a technical jacket.


Layering and textures are two integral parts of looking great and became big trends this year. Suits worn with knitwear dominated menswear over the last 12 months. Stuffy shirts were replaced with turtlenecks and fisherman beanies were paired with structured blazers.

This trend looks set to become a staple of modern menswear and exudes timeless appeal.

Men’s fashion trends 2020 to carry into your 2021 wardrobe

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