Men’s corduroy jacket Ireland

Ways to style men’s corduroy this winter

Ways to style men’s corduroy this winter

It can be tricky for even the most savy fashionable guy when styling corduroy during the winter months. While corduroy is cosy it has to look good and blend in with it soundings
To really make it work.

In years gone by, corduroy was once considered the fashion choice of old schoolteachers and train spotters. However, fast forward to recent years, corduroy is that fab “go to” fashion piece to be enjoyed by men of all ages.

Before we delve into styling corduroy this winter, here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we will take a look at the material itself and see why every guy should own at least one piece in their wardrobe.

Corduroy explained

To be honest, corduroy is probably the most boisterous materials out of all the jeans family. It has a great way of announcing itself without saying anything. It’s a fashion piece can be dressed up or down while still managing to make that all important fashion statement.

Corduroy itself is a loving textile with a distinct pattern. Modern day corduroy is commonly includes of tufted cords,. This is something like velvet fusing with fustian fabric.

Men's Hacienda Corduroy Jacket from Superdry Ireland

Men’s Hacienda Corduroy Jacket from Superdry

It’s material combines comfort with versatility making it a durable fashion pleaser 24/7. When styled correctly, corduroy can elevate any look day or night.

Is corduroy a good fashion choice?

The easy answer to this is yes! The beauty about corduroy is that it can be styled n so many different ways for different wardrobe looks. Its fabric will keep you warm and really, it’s all down to how you style it to suit your own fashion look.

Here are a few different ways to build corduroy into you daily fashion look without fearing your finish will make you look like a retired school headmaster of the 70’s

Ways to style a corduroy blazer

Colour balance is key when pairing your corduroy blazer with the rest of your outfit. Always remember what ever choice of corduroy blazer you choice, it must always be fitted.

Chinos or jeans look great when paired with a corduroy blazer or jacket. A brown blazer fuses well with sand or khaki coloured chinos. A deep blue corduroy blazer and denim jeans is also a great casual fashion pleaser. Avoid matching shades to add contrast your finish.

Men’s plaid shirts add something different to your underlaying. Then again neutral fusion shirts of polo shirts can also be kind and polished. Avoid tees with your blazer look during winter. Leave that for warmer summer months.

Go corduroy trousers

This is a bit like wearing sweatpants but more refined and polished. Corduroy material is warmer that traditional jeans so it’s going to keep your legs more cosy during the winter.

Corduroy pants look great when paired with crewneck or turtleneck sweaters during the cold season. Add a pair of men’s boots and they are smart enough for office wear.

  • Black corduroy pants and burgundy or maroon top
  • Brown corduroy pants with mustardy coloured tops
  • Blue corduroy pants with slate or rustic browns

For outer layering, pair your pants with a well fitted sports jacket. Balance your tones for perfect top to bottom colour contrasting.

How to style a corduroy shacket?

Its winter so thicker corduroy material is needed to insulate the body from drafts or cold temperatures. This is where the like of a “shacket” comes in to play.

It’s heavier version of a shirt worn as a jacket. Depending on your choice of fashion, plaid corduroy shackets can blend effortlessly with plain chinos or denim jeans. Pair with a plain white tee and mustard or rustic shades make for the perfect winter corduroy shacket.

Inject colour into your corduroy look

For those who are a bit more comfortable with the corduroy fashion look, experiment with a wider choice of shades during the winter months.

However, this doesn’t mean that you go mad with wild and exotic tones. Be inventive and consider some warm shades like teal, olive, beige or peach when constructing your corduroy look.

Wool or fur lining is also great fun when choosing the perfect winter corduroy jacket. However, be careful as this restricts your fashion wear to winter only.

Whether your opting for corduroy above or below the waist, colour contrasting is key. A well balanced corduroy look is perfect smart casual fashion regardless of age.


Ways to style men’s corduroy this winter

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