Ladies red dress Ireland Christmas Day

Ways to look stylish in red this Christmas Day

Ways to look stylish in red this Christmas Day

With Christmas Day just over a week away our thoughts turn to Christmas Day fashion. One thing is for sure, whatever our choice of clothing we don’t won’t to be mistaken for Santa.

So, how do build that wow factor into our wardrobe look for when your friends and in-laws show up on your doorstep?

The key thing to remember when constructing your fashion assemble this Christmas Day is to remember is your outfit needs to look special without making a fashion statement.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to show you some simple fashion tips to build that great Christmas Day fashion look.

However, before we do this lets explain a few things to put you on the right track.

Styling rules for Christmas Day

Thankfully there aren’t that many but some that are certainly worth considering to get that look that suits you.

  • Don’t choose a look that you would not style yourself in for the other 364 days of the year. This negates the like of sequins and furs. You are trying to achieve a great looking and comfortable indoor fashion look. Keep it simple but eloquent.
  • Beautiful prints set on dark backgrounds presents the perfect fusion. Nice colours are always present a flattering silhouette.
  • If you opt for plain black, then consider a 2-piece velvet look. A good choice is wide leg trousers worn with a silk top is so chic without making that fashion statement.

One other thing to really consider is practicality. You are facing off in front of family and friends so you make you don’t over sexualise your look. Make sure you feel comfortable in your fashion choices as it’s going to be a long day!

Finally, think of your chores on Christmas Day. Really loose and overhanging designs can spell trouble when dishing out the gravy. The last thing you need is stained clothing caused by mishaps in the kitchen.

Ponte Bodycon Dress from Ireland

Ponte Bodycon Dress from

Silk print dress and ankle boots look

There is something about this look that is so simple yet elegant at the same time. A nice pair of ruby coloured boots fuses beautifully with matching silk print dress. It’s tasteful and sexy without over sexualising your look.

Floral chiffon print mid dress

Another killer look that can really uplift any Christmas Day fashion finish. Burgundy or maroon are great shades of red to avert any clashing with the table décor. Knee hight navy velvet boots are a great combo for a glamorous finish.

Long sleeve Jacquard Dress and heels

As I said earlier, you can look classy without making a fashion statement and this look is right on track. A beautiful print design V neck style jacquard dress is ever so beautiful.

Shades of imperial or desire red are always a great choice of hues for Christmas. Fuse with a matching pair of slingback heels or Mary Jane shoes to complete this Dorothy look.

The red sweater and midi dress finish

This is probably the easiest combo to pull off for any great Christmas Day look. Opt for a comfy yet fitted style sweater. Again, avoid any reds that are going to clash with your surroundings.

Shades of chilli or firebrick red in a roll neck sweater can match brilliantly with that flared midi dress. Shoes wise, think of comfort and opt for a low heel or Mary Janes in matching tones.

Final fashion thought

After the year we have had, all of us are looking forward to spending quality time with our families. Fashion will always play a big part of our Christmas Day look.

Don’t overdo any finish with styles that are not you. Red fashion on Christmas Day is fantastic. Choosing the right shades to help you stand out is equally as important as your choice of outfit. Colour coordination is key to bring balance to your overall finish. Happy Christmas!


Ways to look stylish in red this Christmas Day

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