H&M being investigated over racism allegation Ireland

H&M being investigated over racism allegation

H&M being investigated over racism allegation

In Irish fashion news, Swedish fashion house H&M are being investigated by the authorities in Sweden over an “alleged” allegation of racism.

The global fashion retailer which was founded in Vasteras in Sweden back 1947 is being investigated by Sweden’s own government Equality Ombudsman called “DO” over reports of an “alleged” racist act at one of their Swedish stores.

H&M came under fire after a Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” seems to show hidden video footage from a concealed camera showing a foreign lady being prohibited from exchanging a purchased item without her receipt, while at the same time a Swedish national working for the newspaper being allowed to do so.

International news agency Reuters reported that H&M’s own returns policy clearly states that a receipt is not a requirement if the items are still available on its shop floor.

While the Swedish fashion house is yet to directly respond the “allegations” they have however take to social media and post an acknowledgment that a complaint had been made against them on their Facebook page.

The Swedish ombudsman “DO” have confirmed in a statement that the purpose of their inspection is to clarify whether there has been a violation of the prohibition of discrimination for which the company is responsible,”

While the Swedish ombudsman “DO” cannot enforce any sanctions on H&M. However, they can make their own judgement call on whether the Swedish fashion house acted in an inappropriate manner with any negative findings possibly resulting in court action against H&M for breach of government legislation.

Back in August 2020, the Swedish fashion retailer appointed a Global Head of Diversity and Inclusivity. H&M seem to be taking a serious approach to ensure that all customers regardless of their backgrounds are treated equally. It is worth noting that this matter is only an “allegation” of a racist nature and H&M have not be found guilty of any wrong-doing.


H&M being investigated over racism allegation

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