Fashion tips when shopping for vintage clothes Ireland

Fashion tips when shopping for vintage clothes

Fashion tips when shopping for vintage clothes

Everyone knows someone who always seems to wear cool pre-loved clothes. But how on earth do you even start to find those pieces for yourself?

It may take a while to figure them out, but vintage shops need not be so scary. And they are a great place to find some high-quality fashion pieces. You may have to rummage to find these pieces but the pay-off is worth it.

If you are new to vintage shopping, here at Teenage fashion Ireland we show you how top things to look out for.

Charity Shops Vs Vintage Shops

If you want to go second-hand shopping, it’s best if you know the difference between charity shops and dedicated vintage shops.

If you are on the lookout for old-school Levi jeans or a cute sesh jacket, head to a vintage shop. The stock that they have is more than likely branded clothing and eye-catching pieces. You can talk to the staff who know the stock and could help you find something you are looking for. While there might be some bargains, don’t expect everything to be super cheap. Not only are you paying for quality, but vintage shops also put a lot of resources into tracking down specific items.

On the other hand, charity shops tend to be more of a lucky dip. So, you will have to be ready to dig. While you might think they are full of old stuff, you can get fun pieces for next to nothing. It can feel overwhelming trying to navigate the volume of stock in a charity shop. However, start by looking for colours you enjoy wearing. Ask yourself, would you buy this at a high street store? This should keep you from buying something you will never wear.

Men’s Shirts

If you love wearing a boxy, structures shirt, head over to the men’s section. Quality 90s shirts are often easy to come by but a white shirt in natural linen material will always look good with jeans.

Oversized Pieces

One of the biggest trends this year is anything oversized. And vintage shops can be a great place to find some quality items. If you are a sized 12 in women’s clothing, go for pieces that are sized 18. If you want to buy anything from the men’s section, go for pieces that are XL and up.

Fashion tips when shopping for vintage clothes

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