How to stop glossy eyeshadow from creasing Ireland

How to stop glossy eyeshadow from creasing

How to stop glossy eyeshadow from creasing

Every eyeshadow look has taken a glossy turn on runways and Instagram feeds. There is something about the wet look that elevates the colour and intensity of the shadow.

But it is a hard makeup trick to master. This is due to the fact that gloss tends to move around. A lot.

So, here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we have put together a step-by-step guide to help you master the glossy eyeshadow trend with no creases.

Prime Those Lids

The trickiest part of using glossy eyeshadow is that it is prone to moving around. Which means creasing. So, you want to do as much as you can to help it last a long time on your lids. To the ultimate staying power, prime your lids thoroughly with an eyeshadow base.

You can just use the tip of your finger to blend it out.

Start With Nude Eyeshadow

Before you play around with pigments, sweep some nude shadow into your crease. This will help to set the primer you just put down.

Add Your Pigment

This is where you let your creative juice flow. Pinks, lavender and blues are big colours that look good on everyone. Tap some colour onto your lids using a dense, fluffy brush. You are not trying to blend the colour out but rather lay the colour down to get maximum payoff.

YSL Eye Gloss Ireland

YSL Eye Gloss

Add Colour To Your Lower Lash Line

Use a pencil brush for this. Take the same colour you used in the previous step and apply it to your lower lash line. Start from the inner corner and sweep out to extend outward.

Alternatively, you can line your waterline with eyeliner to create some contrast. This can also help the pigment look brighter.

Get Glossy

Now you can take your lids from matte to glossy. This is done by adding some gloss to your lids. But steer clear of your lip gloss as it’s too sticky.

Instead, use a cheek or eye gloss and apply with a flat, synthetic brush. Make small, patting motions and don’t take it too close to your lash line, as gloss tends to natural travel. And because it moves throughout the day, this will stop gloss from getting into your eyes.

Blend It

Some blending is required for a seamless blend. Take a clean brush and start to lightly diffuse the edges of the gloss. You want a nice and even blend without adding more gloss onto your lids.

How to stop glossy eyeshadow from creasing

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