Dolly Parton to launch her own beauty line Ireland

Dolly Parton to launch her own beauty line

Dolly Parton to launch her own beauty line

In Irish fashion news, International county singing legend, Dolly Parton is set to launch her own beauty and cosmetic line.

The 74-year old singing music star is teaming up with Edge Beauty who look after licensing deals for other famous celebrities including Cher for her fist beauty collection which is expected to drop next year in 2021.

Edge Beauty, Inc. are a global company based in both the Paris and the US who lead the field in operating a DTC (Direct to consumer) model and work with many of the world’s leading beauty, fashion labels and fashion designers.

Beauty Edge have not reviled to much detail about their deal with Dolly Parton re pricing and ranges of products.

However, Steve Mormoris who is the CEO of Edge Beauty did implicate that that they are exploring a marketing mix that flows from luxury to mass which in turn will offer a range of luxury products at different prices.

Beauty Edge confirmed they are also looking at different ways to bring Dolly’s beauty line to market which may include TV shopping channels as well as being available in selected retail chains and chemists across the globe.

Mormoris said “Parton will also be offering the scents in a slew of formats. “We know that people like to scent their hair, clothes, homes, as well as their own skin. So we’re working on a multiplicity of olfactory forms that will indicate the fragrance value,”

Parton who has 25 Number One selling singles and 44 top 10 selling albums to her name is renowned as the Queen of County Music.

In a statement released by Parton, the Tennessee singer commented that fragrance continue to play a big role in her daily routine.

Dolly said “I wear my own combination of scents every day,” Developing my own brand and scent with Edge Beauty has been an amazing experience, and I am looking forward to becoming a big part of the fragrance community.”

Dolly Parton’s new beauty range is expected for release in Spring 2021.


Dolly Parton to launch her own beauty line

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