The best ways to fix dry cuticles this winter 2020 Ireland

The best ways to fix dry cuticles this winter 2020

The best ways to fix dry cuticles this winter 2020

Cracked and dry cuticles is something no one wants to deal with. Not to be confused for your nail, the cuticle is the area around your nails that protect them from bacteria and other nasties.

Unfortunately, your cuticles are prone to drying out. And this can make your gorgeous manicure look unruly. Between constant hand-washing and freezing temperatures, your cuticles need some TLC. Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland, we will show you how

Vitamin E Oil

Between everyone’s 10 step skincare routines, often our cuticles get neglected. And this can leave us with dry, cracked cuticles that are prone to peeling.

Your cuticles help protect your nails from fungus and infection. So, it’s best to keep them hydrated and moisturised. Vitamin E oil is nourishing that will keep your cuticles soft and can heal dry cuticles faster.

Apply Hand Cream For A Moisture Boost

If your night-time routine involves slathering your feet in moisturiser and slipping on a pair of socks, you will love the idea of a super-strength hand cream and gloves. This will help keep your hands super moisturised as well as keeping your cuticles soft and supple. Sleeping in gloves can take some getting used to, but you will wake up with soft and smooth hands. And you only need to do this once or twice a week to see results.

Nail HQ Bite Guard Ireland

Nail HQ Bite Guard

Use A Cuticle Oil

Those of you who suffer from dry cuticles need to keep cuticle oil nearby. They are an essential part of keeping your cuticles happy and healthy. But you need to use them consistently – at least once a day. They prevent your cuticles from cracking and drying out. And it is always easier to prevent cracks than repair them.

Stop Biting

Biting or peeling your cuticles is tempting during cold winter months but will obviously lead to dryness and cracking. Keep this area constantly hydrated to prevent any dead skin from sticking out. This way, you are less likely to begin peeling or picking. The trauma cause by picking or biting can cause you to lose your cuticles altogether. This can create a large opening for bacteria or fungi.

Try applying a no-bite nail polish. These usually have a bitter flavour to deter you from putting your nails near your mouth.

The best ways to fix dry cuticles this winter 2020

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