How to style men’s denim jackets during winter Ireland

How to style men’s denim jackets during winter

How to style men’s denim jackets during winter

Now that we are truly in the depths of winter, layering is one of our main priorities when incorporating any fashion assemble.

However, this doesn’t mean that large heavy winter coats are the order of the day. When it comes to winter styling, denim jackets or jean jackets can still rock as long as you know how to style them correctly.

The first jean jacket was invented 10 years after denim jeans back in the 1880’s by the founder of fashionable denim, Levi Strauss. Back then jeans wear took on a role primarily as work wear for miners, cowboys and railroad workers.

It wasn’t until the mid 1950’s until the denim jacket took on its fashionable role as jacket donned by leading celebrities of the day.

Today, the denim jacket still remains a classic piece of apparel for people of both sexes and ages. It’s universal appeal combined with its versatility makes it that great smart casual fashion choice for any guy.

Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we show you some simple things to take on board when styling your denim jacket this winter.

The denim jacket & hoodie combo

Its winter right so we should all think about layering up. The weather is cooler than summer months so body insulation is vital when styling your denim jacket.

The reliable hoodie is a great choice when pairing with any outer layering. There is something special about the denim jacket and hoodie combination that can rock any look.

The most important thing to remember when styling this pair is to opt for neutral colouring. For a clean look avoid hoodies with brash front logos. Ensure your hoodie has a fitted look to present a clean and smooth silhouette.

Colour choices for your hoodie should be kept to a minimum with greys, navy fusing well with your blue denim jacket. However, light stone wash denim pairs well with mustardy yellows or reds.

Just remember to keep the balance of shades just right so they blend with the rest of your clothing.

Men's Slim Fit Denim Jacket from Calvin Klein Ireland

Men’s Slim Fit Denim Jacket from Calvin Klein

The turtleneck and denim jacket finish

This is a move up from the hoodie in the fashion stakes. It can give any fashionable guy’s fashion look that polished finish without being too formal.

The roll neck is a great replacement for a shirt, plus you can under layer with a tee without affecting your overall fashion finish. The key things to remember here is making sure your denim jacket has a fitted finish.

Stonewash or denim jackets fuse effortlessly with beautiful shades of burgundy or light grey turtlenecks. However, balance below the waist is vital to balancing your overall finish.

Top it with an overcoat

OK, you are adding extra overlay here to your jacket so slimming denim jackets are important. You are trying to add a touch of tailoring to your fashion finish so leave any baggy look at home.

However, this doesn’t mean that your jacket and coat combo should be skin tight either. Shades of dark and light denim can pair easily with camel or tannish tones.

The beauty about wearing an overcoat with a denim jacket is it provides for different below the waist finishes. Whether work with darker shades of denim to the jacket, make sure your jeans blend correctly with your overcoat. Chinos are also another great choice for something a bit more.

And finally

The denim jacket is a 365 days a year fashion pleaser. The only things really to remember when styling your jacket during the winter months is the fit and colour contrasting with the rest of your assemble. Although the denim jacket will never that smart dress piece of fashion, it can be an equal alternative to smart casual fashion dress. Style it wisely and love the look.


How to style men’s denim jackets during winter

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