Simple ways to wear suede this winter Ireland

Simple ways to wear suede this winter

Simple ways to wear suede this winter

As a material considered by some as an alternative to leather, suede can still rock your fashion look come winter. Unlike summer when light soft material shades of suede are the only choice, winter however is a different story.

Despite what you might think, certain types of suede can be tough and durable and perfect for outdoor fashion wear. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out with a cowboy look to max your suede finish this season.

By cleverly selecting the right choice of suede, it can keep you warm and protected from the elements during winter.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we are going to show you why suede can be the right fashion choice when compiling your fashion looks for the months ahead.

What is suede?

The word suede is a type of leather that comes in a napped finish. Suede is produced using the underside of the animal skin. This is softer and more pliable than traditional outer skin layering of an animal.

Today It is commonly used in the manufacturing of lots of fashion goods today including jackets, footwear and accessories. The term comes from the French gants de Suède, which literally means “gloves from Sweden

Contemplate suede outerwear

Suede is an easy choice of material to incorporate during the winter months. It can retain heat to the body making you feel snug day or night. However, tougher waterproof suede material protects you from the rain and harsh wind blows.

An dark or light oversized shearling aviator jacket is a great option of layering for relaxed casual fashion days. Paired with blue denim jeans and neutral top it offers balance to your assemble.

Light shades of cropped suede jackets also makes a great replacement to the aviator for that more fitted finish.

Also ensure your choice of suede material offers some water resistance. Lined jackets will protect you from any unwanted drafts, keeping you nice and warm.

Belted Faux Suede Lined Fur Coat from Boohoo Ireland

Belted Faux Suede Lined Fur Coat from Boohoo

Suede accessories offer something diffrent

If you are that person not fully convinced that suede is for you, start off gently by accessorising with some suede. There are so many choices of lux suede to choose from that can add to any relaxed or smart casual fashion looks.

A warm pair of suede gloves can make any fashion assemble look sophisticated. Insulated suede gloves offer more warmth and protection to the hands that tradition woollen mits.

A cute suede hobo bag can make a great addition to your day or night-time fashion finish. Opt for blacks or dark browns that give you options when pairing with the rest of your wardrobe.

Choose your suede footwear carefully

This is where you have to be considerate and think of your poor feet when choosing suede footwear. Water resistant suede is a must that will not absorb vast of amount of water.

The last thing you want to be walking around in sog ridden shoes. This is uncomfortable and very uncool. Look for suede boots or shoes that offer some type of water resistance.

Long knee high boots or Chelsea boots in are stylish suede footwear choices this season. Browns or blacks can be easily paired with other pieces from your wardrobe. Black or tan suede Chelsea’s look fab when paired with denim jeans.

It’s essential you invest in a quality protective spray for your footwear to keep them protected during the winter.


Simple ways to wear suede this winter



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