Nike and Drake partner for Nocta fashion label Ireland

Nike and Drake partner for Nocta fashion label

Nike and Drake partner for Nocta fashion label

In Irish fashion news, Drake has teamed up with Nike to unveil their new fashion label called Nocta.

The Canadian born rapper who loves fashion has collaborated with the American sports brand to release a selection of comfy and stylish apparel which is set for global release in the next 10 days.

The Nocta collection consists of joint branded clothing from Drake and Nike that include a range of hoodies, jackets and tracksuits that are designed in comfy fits and flexible for every casual day environment.

Chatting ahead of the launch of the new Nocta fashion label, the 34-year-old singer commented that Growing up, Nike was everything to him. Nike was everything to him in terms of sports fashion wear and if it didn’t have the Nike symbol on it, it just didn’t feel right.
Drake said “I remember watching all these athletes repping Nike – each doing the unthinkable – and how inspiring it was. I always felt like there was an opportunity for Nike to embrace an entertainer the same way they had athletes.

“Nocta is a realisation of all these thoughts and everything I had hoped for – from the culture it’s rooted in to the product and, most important, to the partnership and scale that allows me to share it with the world.

“Nocta is about creating something for people on the move. People who want functional, comfortable fits that are adaptable from one environment to the next.
“But as much as it’s about what we make, it’s also about a mindset: an unforgiving drive, a relentlessness.

According to the Canadian singer, the Nocta brand has been in development for the past 2 years with lots of hours involved in getting it to where it now needs to be.

The Nike NOCTA collection will officially launch on Friday 18th December and will be available worldwide at,


Nike and Drake partner for Nocta fashion label

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