How to turn loungewear into a stylish daytime outfit Ireland

How to turn loungewear into a stylish daytime outfit

How to turn loungewear into a stylish daytime outfit

we are all about comfort, which means that we just love our loungewear. And, like so many people, that’s all we’ve been wearing during lockdown.

So, how do you turn simple loungewear pieces into a stylish look? And stop yourself from looking you just rolled out of bed. It’s a fine line. And one we think we’ve mastered. Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our tips on how to make your loungewear chic.

Mix & Match Pieces

If your outfit matches too well, it can veer into pyjama territory. For the daytime, it’s a good idea to wear a carefully curated set of pieces that are comfortable. Pair your pyjama top with some denim jeans. Or your joggers with a white t-shirt or button-down shirt.

If you balance out your relaxed pieces with something with a bit of structure, nobody will know you’ve just rolled out of bed.

Wear Fancy Heels

Fancy footwear is another great way to make your outfit look more daytime appropriate. A ballet flat can take your look into bedtime territory. So, swap them out for a bold coloured heel in a statement shape. If heels are not your thing, boots work just as well.

Ladies Mint Co Ord Long Long Blazer Ireland

Ladies Mint Co Ord Long Long Blazer

Your shoes will help distract from the fact that you are still in your loungewear and draw people’s attention to how stylish you look.

Mess With Proportions

Your whole outfit will scream pyjamas if you decide to rock a long-sleeve and long trousers together. So, to avoid looking like you are going to bed, don’t be afraid to play around with your proportions. Team a short hemline with a long top. Add some volume into the mix. If you wear a long silk top, balance out your look with a pair of cropped jeans.

This will help you strike a less pyjama style look.

Elevate With Accessories

We cannot stress the importance of accessories when it comes to dressing up a look. Something like a bold choker or statement earrings will anchor your outfit and let everyone know you’re ready to take on the day.

You can wear your favourite silk nighty over a turtleneck jumper and finish your look off with a matching purse.

Be Careful With Prints

You risk your outfit looking like bedtime attire if you wear head to toe print. Instead of going for an all-over look, keep things interesting. This could mean layering a printed pyjama top under a blazer or wear printed bottoms with a simple top. This will stop you from looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed.

And better yet. You can slip straight into the matching top or bottoms when you get home.


How to turn loungewear into a stylish daytime outfit

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