New sustainable fashion label Hand and Jones launches Ireland

New sustainable fashion label Hand and Jones launches

New sustainable fashion label Hand and Jones launches

In Irish fashion news, there is good news for guys who like great basic fashion styles as UK affluent fashion label Hand and Jones launches.

Hand and Jones, are a British direct to consumer fashion are lifestyle brand that specialises in high end men’s basic clothing set up label founder and creative director Graham Hand.

The objective of Hand and Jones fashion label is to create a collection of fashion items that are hard to find in the already busy men’s fashion world.

Their collection of variables is targeted at styling men of all ages, shape and sizes with non-essential fashion wardrobe staples that they say will evolve organically over time.

Their fashion collection consists of a range of knits, men’s accessories as well as t-shirts. Already plans are in place to unveil their own men’s underwear collection early in 2021.

Hand and Jones have teamed up with British artist Nicola Rowsell, for their debut collection which feature Nicola’s striking lion and leopard illustrations on two styles in 100% 12-gauge intarsia cashmere sweaters.

According to the label founder, Graham Hand, he’s reluctant to describe his fashion label under the “luxury” category given its overuse in the marketplace. Instead, Graham believes that men will not find better designed, quality menswear products at their prices anywhere in the contemporary menswear market today.

Hand and Jones items are produced using established and trusted suppliers known personally to the label’s owner who can make genuine limited quantities using natural fibres which are strong, breathable and fully biodegradable.

This ensures they kind to the environment with as much low environmental impact as possible.

Yarns used in the construction of garments are sustainably sourced which allows Hand and Jones to monitor and trace the production from the welfare of the animal right through to the environmentally responsible process of each factory.

According to label owner, Graham Hand, he takes pride in everything the Hand and Jones label does which he wants to share with their customers.

Prices start at €55 (£50) and are available to buy today at their website


New sustainable fashion label Hand and Jones launches

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