How to make your leather trousers look good on you Ireland

How to make your leather trousers look good on you

How to make your leather trousers look good you

Figuring out how to style leather trousers can be hard. Due to how they look, some people find them intimidating. Not to mention that leather can sometimes look unflattering and be unforgiving.

But leather trousers can be extremely versatile. You can dress them up or down. And they work with a lot of different fabrics. When paired with the right items, they can look super flattering and chic.

So, keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out how you can make your leather trousers look good.


If you are ever unsure of how to out a look together, you cannot go wrong with monochrome. It is one of those unique trends that look good on everyone. A camel coloured leather trousers belongs in everyone’s wardrobe. Why not pair it with a nude top and blazer in a similar colour?

You can play with volume by making your blazer oversized and top skin-tight. Add some simple jewellery like a chain or dainty rings and you’re all set.


Snakeskin just screams New York Fashion Week. And a faux leather snakeskin jacket is a wardrobe must-have. Pairing it with shiny leather black trousers will take it to the next level.

Because of the reflective nature of your trousers, you can match them with your jacket and add some texture with a crossbody bag.

Ladies black imitation leather trousers Ireland

Ladies black imitation leather trousers

Leopard Print

Leopard print has become a massive trend over the years, and we can see why. A faux leopard print jacket is a statement piece to have in anyone’s wardrobe. But pair it with a ribbed jumper and leather trousers in a burned orange colour? You have got yourself a seriously stylish look.

Black On Black

Black is one of those colours that look good on just about everyone. If you are looking for a quick outfit to throw on in the morning, this is it. pair black leather trousers with a black leather jacket and you cannot go wrong. To break up the all-black look, mix in a neutral colour by wearing a beige or cream top.

Matching up colours and textures can make you look like you are wearing a full leather suit, which looks very catwalk appropriate. You can break up the black even further by wearing camel coloured boots.

Contrast Leather

A lighter shade of leather can look very winter appropriate, although it may seem conventional. Cream and ivories are always big Christmas colours so why not wear your leather trousers in those colours.

To balance out the lighter colour, go dark on top with a simple black turtleneck. And you can go leather-on-leather with an emerald faux leather jacket. A pair of camel boots will help to tie everything together. Not to mention, they are a wardrobe staple.


Leather does not have to mean smooth fabric. It can also apply to suede. A pair of straight cut suede trousers will make anyone’s legs look longer. And don’t be afraid to play around with different leather textures. You can incorporate a faux leather jacket for some movement and finish your ensemble off with some tonal accessories. If your trousers are tan and your jacket and top black, lighten things up with some clear heels.

How to make your leather trousers look good you

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