How to add a boilersuit into your winter wardrobe Ireland

How to add a boilersuit into your winter wardrobe

How to add a boilersuit into your winter wardrobe

In recent years, the boilersuit has emerged as an unlikely wardrobe superhero. Traditionally made from denim or heavy canvas, it now comes in a range of styles and fabrics. And has been championed by everyone from Gigi Hadid to Margot Robbie. It’s also been front and centre at Fashion Weeks and plastered over every fashionista’s socials.

But how exactly can you take this underrated fashion piece and incorporate it into your winter wardrobe? Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we will show you how.

Layer Up

Have a boilersuit just hanging in your wardrobe and not sure how to wear it? adding the right layers under your boilersuit will help to bring it into your winter wardrobe.

A thick, wool long sleeve top – in an eye-catching colour if you feel fancy – and a pair of stand out socks so allow you to put your fashion feet forward. Add a stylish coat on top and head out the door.


The reason why we wear jeans in the winter is because they are practical and keep us warm. So, wearing jeans all over your body is a good thing. Denim jumpsuits are all the rage right now and bang on trend. So, why not incorporate this trend into your winter wardrobe? Not to mention, they go with everything, from classic heels and a clutch to your trainers and crossbody.

Ladies Belted Utility Cord Boilersuit Ireland

Ladies Belted Utility Cord Boilersuit

Contrast Is Key

If your boilersuit of choice is loud – patterns, brightly colours or textured – than a contrasting coat will keep you and your outfit looking interesting. Be it a bright yellow puffer jacket or teddy coat, remember that clashing is key.

Choose A Classic Colour

Everyone looks good in black. And in winter, most outfit tend to end up being all-black anyway. So, why not do the same with your boilersuit? Not only will it save you from having to pick out colours that look good together, black is warmer and practical.

Pick a long and thick version of a black boilersuit and wear it with some sturdy boots.

Use Accessories

This is the probably the best part of wearing a boilersuit. Because you don’t have to spend a lot of time picking a top and bottom to wear, you can think more about your accessories. And, as everyone knows, they are the best way to elevate any outfit.

A bucket hat in a vibrant shade and purse are a great way to spice up your look. To dress up your boilersuit, go bold with your jewellery. A chunky necklace can take your boilersuit from day to night.

How to add a boilersuit into your winter wardrobe

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