Why the parka coat is a great fashion winter warmer Ireland

Why the parka coat is a great fashion winter warmer

Why the parka coat is a great fashion winter warmer

Invented back in early1960’s by Noel Bibby of Peter Storm Ltd, the parka coat is that a true fashion piece that continues to stand the test of time.

It’s versatility and extra layering makes it the right choice for any winter season styling. Not defined by one sex, the parka coat is a fashion favourite by both fashionable women and men of today.

Originally constructed from seal skin, the parka design has seen many transitions down through the years. From military, ski wear to everyday fashion wear, the parka coat is that insulated jacket to keep you protected from the elements.

Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we give you an overview of the great parka coat and explain its many different designs.

What qualifies as a parka coat?

In recent years the parka has undergone so many transformation to cater for fashion and practical wear. Its a long or in more recent times short hooded coat designed to keep out the wind and rain. It’s insulation design keeps is warmer than most traditional winter coats.

Over the years it has taken on a more tailored look to appeal to the fashionistas. In the noughties, Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher brought it to the forefront of fashion as a defined piece of outwear fashion.

Today it remains a stylish coat that works for men and women of all ages. As a key outdoor fashion piece, its available in many different shapes and colours. We check out a few key designs worth noting when choosing the right parka for you.

Men's Zaneck Parka from The North Face Ireland

Men’s Zaneck Parka from The North Face

The Fishtail parka

This wind resistant piece was formerly constructed in shades of olive cotton or nylon. It’s key features were it’s 2 large front pockets with sleeve patch and long skirt or fish tail. It is finished with a removable wool-pile liner introduced for extra warmth.

This is probably the more water resistant of all the parka coat family. As a fashion favourite from the mod era of the 60’s, it has evolved through time reinventing its look to become more tailored. Today available in an array of different colours, it’s a young man’s choice of streetwear.

The Snorkel parka

Our of all of the parka coats, this one tops them all as far as insulation goes. The snorkel or artic parker has a military feel about its design. Tis is probably because it was prioritised by the military to keep their personnel warm in sub-zero temperatures.

It’s pile-lined design is constructed for warmth. Added features include a fur hood with a small opening to the facial area when zipped up.

These are perfect for more dryer climates where rain is at a minimum. Nylon-blend fabrics and insulating down or wool lining offers the perfect insulation when temperatures drop.

The Tailored parka

This is derived from the fish tail Parka coat. It comes with a more tailored design making it the perfect fashion piece to fuse with most modern day fashion assembles.

It’s slimmed down design usually includes extra detailing and great choice of colours. This makes it the ideal choice for everyday coat wear during the winter months.

Available in more luxurious fabrics, merino wool or cashmere blends are also a good choice when choosing a tailored parka.

A word of caution though, tailored parka coats are more of a fashion statement opposed to the fish tail or snorkel parka coat. The other 2 are more winter warmers than fashion statement pieces.

One trick is when choosing a more tailored parka coat is look for inner lining. Extra insulation is always important during the winter months.


Why the parka coat is a great fashion winter warmer

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