How to inject bright colours into your winter fashion look Ireland

How to inject bright colours into your winter fashion look

How to inject bright colours into your winter fashion look

It’s winter and for some, dark shades of blacks, browns and neutrals are a typical choice when constructing our fashion look.

However, dark winter days should doesn’t have to mean dull seasonal fashion tones. By injecting bright colours into your fashion assemble can lift any fashion look during the winter months.

This doesn’t mean you have to dress your style like a clown to achieve that great winter look. No, it’s about contrasting your shades with some colour to lift your day or night fashion look.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we show you easy and simple ways to add some colour to your fashion and accessories line-up for eye catching finishes.

Opt for a colourful statement coat

For those of you who adore bright colours, then start with your outer layering. Pink or neon hues are always fun loving shades to wear as your choice of winter jacket or coat this season. Pair with neutral pieces to balance the rest of your assemble.

For example, a cute bright pink coat fused with black and white striped top and skinny jeans is adorable.

A neon green coat paired with a black colour block jumper and blue denim straight leg jeans is also a fab look. Add a pair of statement heals to complete this great outdoors finish.

Various shades of reds are also another great winter warmer look. Cherry, burgundy and Ferrari red are on trend hues this winter 2020. Navy are a safe colour fusion when pairing with reds.

Hot Pink Ladies Coat from Topshop

Hot Pink Ladies Coat from Topshop

A black and white polka dot dress with cherry shade jacket are a great blend of shades for a semi formal finish.

For something more casual a Ferrari red jacket and black top and jeans presents a great polished look.

Remember, you don’t have to opt for single solid bright colours. Neutral shades with a bright detailing print or patterns are another option.

One example here is to don a deep blue style biker jacket with faux fur colour like shades of tangerine or apricot.

Internal layering using colour

This is where you leave your coat or jacket behind and concentrate on internal laying (in doors)

The likes of a fitted black pair of pants with a pebble or iron grey tee can fuse effortlessly with brilliant tones of red or bright blue cardigans or sweaters.

A Shamrock green cardi pr hoodie worn with dark skinny jeans is also a bright exciting winter look.

For something less casual, burgundy fitted trousers fused charcoal grey top with matching burgundy shade coat is a smart fashion pleaser.

Monochrome your finish where you can fuse darker and lighter shades together. A Iris or violet skirt blends beautifully with a orchid or magenta long sleeve cardigan.

Brighten up your accessory look

Colourful accessories are one sure way to brighten up any fashion look on that dull day or evening. Even your choice of outfit is neutral based don’t worry, bright accessories are on hand. They key here is in the detailing of your accessory. Buckles and quilted finishes can make any purse or bag stand out.

A detailed candy apple or scarlet red scarf can inject warm even in to the darkest of any shade during winter months.

Neon’s are also special shades to lift any fashion assemble during the months of winter. A striped neon scarf with detailing worn with a long black coat and murky solids clothing can make an eye-catching statement.

Given its winter, boots are a great choice to give your look some edge. A stylish pair of red leather ankle boots fused with blue denim skinny jeans and black leather jacket looks fab.

It adds a type of rock chick finish to your day or evening fashion look. For a more bohemian finish, opt for a rainbow pair of combat boots and charcoal grey trousers. Colour block your outer layering with dark coat or jacket.


How to inject bright colours into your winter fashion look

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