Why your skincare routine might be damaging your skin Ireland

Why your skincare routine might be damaging your skin

Why your skincare routine might be damaging your skin

So, you have managed to determine your skin type and built a routine to help keep breakouts to a minimum.

And it works. For a time. Your skin is hydrated and blemish free. But then you notice your skin changes completely. Seemingly out of nowhere. But how does your skin just change? Well, here at Health & Beauty Tips Ireland, find out and why your current routine may be damaging your skin.

How Your Skin Can Change

You skin changes over time due to a number of factors. These can include age, hormones, environment, and other health-related issues. So, this means that your skin can go from dry, to oily, to combination and back to dry again.

But this doesn’t just happen on its own. Shifts in medication, stress levels and diet can impact your skin. Acne is inflammation, which can be brought on by hormones during stress. Acne from stress is accompanied by itching, redness and numerous whiteheads and blackheads.

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It Could Be Hormones

Skin changes can be accelerated by hormones. Changes in hormones like cortisol and adrenal androgens can cause our sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

Additionally, dehydration can cause our skin to overproduce oil. If your skin is severely dehydrated, it may start to produce oil to compensate for the lack of hydration. This can result in oily skin.

How Your Skincare Routine Can Damage Skin

Just because you use the same products for years without success, this doesn’t mean you will always have the same results. If you are not seeing an improvement in your skin, it’s time to evaluate your routine. Your skin evolves over time and using the wrong products can be damaging. The wrong skincare routine can throw off your skin’s pH balance.

If you are oily and using products that dry out your skin, this can lead to more breakouts. The same concept applies to dry skin. So, if are using products to help tackle your oily skin and then your skin changes, you shouldn’t be using the same products.

You can ramp up your routine by adding in an exfoliant. This will help with cell turnover and maintain a healthy complexion. You can add a toner for balance and switch your moisturiser for a more lightweight formula.

And remember. Just because your skin changes over time, it can also change back. Which means you keep having to switch up and evaluate your routine to one that works for your skin. And if you doubt you are using the right products or your skin is continually breaking out, it may be time to see a dermatologist.


Why your skincare routine might be damaging your skin

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