Why you should be using vitamin E oil for stronger nails Ireland

Why you should be using vitamin E oil for stronger nails

Why you should be using vitamin E oil for stronger nails

While you have been giving yourself a DIY manicure at home as all the salons are closed, there is a good chance vitamin E oil has come onto your radar.

This hydrating and protective oil has been infused in many skincare products, like hand creams and lotions. Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland, we show you everything you need to know about this wonder oil and why you should be using it.

What Is Vitamin E Oil?

Yes, it’s a vitamin. But how exactly does it protect your nails? Well, it acts like an antioxidant to help protect against free radicals while hydrating your nails and surrounding skin.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that comes in many forms – which means you may be using it without realising it.

The most common for of vitamin E is alpha-tocopheryl. While there are different variations, gamma and delta are the most effective as they work best as antioxidants.

Aside from those science-y terms, vitamin E can help fight off bacteria as well as hydrating and nourishing your nails.

Holland & Barrett Vitamin E 100iu 250 Softgel Capsules

Holland & Barrett Vitamin E 100iu 250 Softgel Capsules


Maintains Healthy Nails: it supplies all the necessary benefits to your nails to make them healthy and strong. It can not only be applied to your nails but also your cuticles for added hydration. It can prevent cracked cuticles and dry skin around your nails.

Reverse Nail Damage: we all know that some nail polish and nail polish removers can be damaging to your nails. However, using vitamin E oil can help to repair this damage.

Eliminate Yellow Nails: if you constantly like to change up your nail polish colour, you may notice that your actual nails having a yellow tint to them. Although forgoing nail polish for a few days can help, so can using vitamin E oil. However, if you notice your nails are excessively yellow, this could be a sign of a nail infection. And this is something that vitamin E oil cannot get rid of. So, it’s best to see a doctor if this happens.

Nail Hydration: nails are made from dead keratin cells. These cells are supported by blood flow filled with vitamins under the nail bed. To have healthy nails, your keratin cells need to have a rich supply of nutrient-filled blood. Vitamin E could help to provide your blood with the right nutrients.

Nail Protection: since vitamin E acts like an antioxidant, it can protect your nails from free radicals by creating a protective barrier.

Why you should be using vitamin E oil for stronger nails

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