Cosy fashion outfits to keep you warm this winter Ireland

Cosy fashion outfits to keep you warm this winter

Cosy fashion outfits to keep you warm this winter

Keeping warm during winter while looking stylish can be challenging. Piling on extra layers, although it keeps you warm, can make you look frumpy.

But fear not. There are ways to keep warm and look fashionable this winter. So, Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, see our fashion tips for cosy outfit ideas that will keep out the winter cold.

Classic Tights And Boots

The easiest way to warm up any winter look by far is with tights and a pair of boots. It’s fool-proof and always looks good.

If you don’t like the look or feel of thick tights, you can always wear a sheer pair and finish your look off with over-the-knee boots. Speaking of boots. While it might take a while to find the perfect pair of thigh-high boots, they are worth the investment as they go really well with mini dresses.

Ladies Royal Navy Winter Jacket Ireland

Ladies Royal Navy Winter Jacket

Winter Coat

The perfect winter outfit is never complete without a good winter coat to keep you toasty warm. Investing in a high-quality piece will see you through the cold winter months plus they will help to pull any look together.

To make sure you are getting value for money, ensure your winter coat goes with the rest of your wardrobe. Do this by going for a neutral colour like black or camel.


Yes, they can be a pain when you are bursting for the toilet. But jumpsuits make for a chic evening look, especially paired with heels and accessories.

To make your jumpsuit more winter appropriate, you can layer pieces under or over it. and you can always add a belt to highlight your waist. Wearing your jumpsuit is a bonus as you don’t have to tan your legs.

Maxi Dress

We all love a good mini dress moment. However, they don’t really say ‘warm’ in winter. so, why not swap your mini for a maxi dress? There are dozens of great options out there for the perfect evening look.

To keep your legs warm and cosy, you can wear a pair of tights under your maxi dress and finish the look off with a pair of boots. And to stop your feet from getting cold, you can always wear some fluffy socks under your boots. And if you want to glam up your look, swap out your leather boots for short heeled ones.

Faux Fur

Give your outfit an instant glam boost with some faux fur. A fur coat or jacket will add a touch of sophistication and warmth to any winter look. And like buying your winter coat, look for fur that will match the rest of your wardrobe. So, go for colours that are neutral and easy to wear. think black, camel, white (although this may be hard to keep clean).

This way you don’t have to tailor your wardrobe to fit around this one item and you get more wear out of it.


Cosy fashion outfits to keep you warm this winter

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